Please post Unhappy Grammy's National Reunification Day blog, as June 19 is also Fathers' Day.  Thank you.

National Reunification Day is June 19th. Will New Hampshire DCYF schedule any event's to celebrate the Reunification of Families this year? Or will it be the same old, same old, seeing as families in New Hampshire have nothing to celebrate? 

New Hampshire DCYF has NO reason to schedule event's celebrating the reunification of so many families they've reunited. Because they don't know the meaning of REUNIFICATION. They only know the meaning of FAMILY DESTRUCTION, which mean's MORE money for every stolen child and even MORE money for every child they adopt out and even MORE money for the children they turn into drugged zombies. Be it legal or illegal, they don't care. Whose going to hold them accountable? NO-ONE! Even the Judges do whatever DCYF tell's them to do. Word's of a Nashua DCYF Lawyer and a caseworker. So where does a parent turn?

Don't forget, in New Hampshire parent's are never considered innocent until proven guilty. Between New Hampshire DCYF and the Court's, a parent is considered guilty even when proven innocent. That is if they're lucky enough to get a Judge who will admit evidence proving innocence. But then there aren't too many of them in this state either. Even when criminal charges are dropped against a parent in District Court or Superior Court, after the evidence of innocence is admitted, Nashua DCYF worker's and their CASA puppets vow to make sure your children aren't returned and they never are. Once DCYF set's their sight's on your child, it's all over. No matter what you do. No matter what you say. Your child is NEVER returned.

So don't look for New Hampshire scheduling any event's this year or any other year because there is NOTHING to celebrate. Unless of course they schedule event's to celebrate how many families they've screwed over again this year!