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Nicholas Haas - A Father's Injustice

By Samantha Haas

Please read this below as I have sent this to WMUR Channel 9 News, The Concord Monitor, The Union Leader, The Hooksett Banner, Judge Ed Kelly, Gov. Lynch, the Redress Grievance Committee, The GAL Board, The Attorney Discipline Office and The Judicial Conduct Committee....and to anyone who will listen and stand up for Father's Rights...and the Rights of an AMERICAN Family.

My husband,37 year old, Nicholas Haas of Hooksett NH,  experienced first hand the corrupt system in our family courts.
Nicholas has been a software consultant for Unifund, LLC in Nashua, NH for 7 years. He is a father, husband, friend, son, brother, leads worship in our church, is the President of Jesus is the Way Worldwide Missions, a Missionary for Haiti, basketball coach for his step-son's basketball team each year, nursing home volunteer and just recently was elected for the Town of Hooksett's Budget Committee.

My husband is the victim of court corruption and Parental Alienation.  He seperated from his first wife in 2004, finalized in June 2007.  Nicholas has two daughters with his ex-wife, now ages 7 & 9 years.

In November 2006, Marital Master Leonard Green issued an order in which my husband could not comply.  To pay his ex-wife $4650 per month, $3.060 in child support and $1500 in alimony,  retroactive to August 18, 2006....placing my husband $22,800 in the negative with the system.  Another order was issued for my husband to pay $2000 per month, by Marital Master Jennifer Lemire,  which he showed considerable proof of not having the financial means to pay, and a $23,729.55 was added as an abeyance for his inability to pay.  All of which has happened within the Manchester Family Division.

By proof I mean, letters from the town for emergency need for rental and fuel assistance, being denied a personal loan to try to comply with this order, a statement from his employer that sales are down due to the weakened economy and proof of bills he pays monthly etc.

Nicholas pays 33% of his salary, plus 33% of his monthly commissions, plus gave the sale of the marital home and personal items to his ex-wife, covers both children under medical and dental insurance, provides the children with a $250,000 life insurance policy naming his ex as the beneficiary for the children and pays any uninsured medical and dental expenses for both children.

Nicholas has not seen his two children from his previous marriage since September 26, 2009.
Based on the years of evidence and proof that Nicholas, myself and other members have collected over the years, of the constant abuses by his ex in front of the children, telephone threats resulting in several police reports against his ex-wife, motions and filings of an ex-parte relief from the very beginning as his exwife was unstable and threatening the lives of herself and the two children, name-calling, verbal threatening, brainwashing the children (which we have proof of direct statements made by the children) etc.  Nicholas sent a letter to the GAL asking only to "TEMPORARILY SUSPEND HIS VISITATION" to stop the abuse the children were witnessing, to protect them from anymore emotional trauma,  and asking to change the arrangements for Supervised Exchanges, no motion was EVER filed with the court suspending his parental rights AT ANY TIME and this request has gone almost TWO YEARS UNANSWERED.

The GAL and ex-wife denied Nicholas phone contact with his children, denied any contact with the children's schools, denied him any information relative to the children in regards to their healthcare, education, extracurricular activities.  The GAL Board has been aware, as has the Attorney Discipline Office and Judge Ed Kelly.  Nicholas has complied with everything he has been asked to do by the courts while it still goes unanswered why he is denied seeing his children.

He has requested all along, as I can provide years of actual documented proof for all who are interested.

Nicholas and I have our son (mine from a previous marriage) and our 2 year old daughter.  Nicholas' children from his previous marriage have never met their sister.

I am outraged at the injustice of the family courts in the State of NH.  My husband is not a criminal and does NOT deserve to be treated as such.  My husband's story needs to be public.  Parental Alienation exists and it is child abuse.  I have people willing to support my claims and others who have these similar stories to share with the public.

My husband is sitting in the Valley Street Jail, while I desperately try to find $10,040 in CASH to release him.  They are holding him based on a contempt on his inability to pay...what I fear is now up to $30,000.  (Mind you, Nick has shown the court, his ex-wife and her attorney, as well as the GAL, all of his financial affidavits proving for 5 years now that he cannot financially comply.)
The only thing in this God forsaken world that my husband is guilty of is trying to be a good father and role model to his children...he has been denied his rights to his children and he deserves to be heard.

Happy Father's Day.
For all evidence and to discuss it further, please call me, Samantha Haas, at 603-858-6634.  Thank you.  My husband is not a criminal...and for all of you who know my son, Lucas Supplee (we also have Emma our 2 year old)....Nick is his step-father, basketball coach and we have been members of our PTA.  As mentioned above, Nick has also been elected for our Town's Budget Committee.  Please come together and help me and my children take a stand against corruption and parental alienation and help me bring my husband home to us.
Parental Alienation and corruption of our court system EXISTS...Please stand up and fight with me against this ABUSE.
If you would like to donate on our family's behalf to get Nick home safely to us, please send donations to Samantha Haas, 1 A Hummingbird Lane, Hooksett NH 03106

Thank you for listening.

Reader Comments (96)

This is such a tragic story and also such a great example of what the NH Family Courts do to our families! Parents and children living in peace as a family? Nope, not as long as the NH Family Court system is around!
June 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Please support my family and many others tomorrow, Wed. 6/22 from 8am-4pm at the State House Library in Concord NH for a Parental Alienation Rally with the National Congress for Fathers and Children. We will be collecting donations on behalf of my husband, Nicholas Haas, and standing for justice within the Judicial system of NH. Please join us and make a difference. Help me bring my husband home.

Samantha Haas


Please read our story, comment and share with others!!!!
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
I think that there are some details missing from the accounts of Nicholas. I have witnessed firsthand abuse towards his current wife and children- verbal, threatening and controlling ways. Clearly,there is more to the story and details that are left out. It saddens me to see his wife standing by his side after all that he has put her through!
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterANON

TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011
June is National False Allegation's Month-Rally in New Hampshire June 22, 2011

Are you aware that the month of June is National False Allegation's month?

A Rally is scheduled in New Hampshire for June 22nd, 2011 at the Concord, NH Statehouse form 8-4.

The Rally is on behalf of children and father's, but I implore ALL family member's screwed over by the NH Court's to attend. It isn't just father's being screwed over due to false allegation's of abuse and neglect. Mother's and grandparent's are also falsely accused, alienated from their children and grandchildren. Some by lying spouses, some by corrupt DCYF worker's AND our infamous Judicial system.
This is a Rally where everyone need's to unite. Our children and grandchildren are the ones who suffer the most. As Father's, Mother's ANDGrandparent's, we must ALL stand together to fight the corrupt judicial system and the corrupt DCYF of New Hampshire. We must think of the best interest's of our children and grandchildren, where as, it's quite obvious the court's AND DCYF don't. If there's money to be made, you can be sure the court's AND DCYF won't hesitate to allow the suffering of an innocent child.

I'm begging everyone to PLEASE stop fighting amongst each other and fight the REAL ENEMY. The Court's and DCYF who instigate the Destruction of our Families!
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
I felt the same way when I got the e-mail from Samantha. Nick has not been great to her over the years, he is controlling, mean, and has a wild temper. I feel cheated as Samantha has been telling me that they don't have money because he pays 5000 a month in child support but in reality he's not even paying. Knowing Nick and Samantha both I am going to say that she didn't know he was neglecting to pay support, I'm sure there is much more he hasn't told Samantha either. She is going to be so hurt when the truth comes out, she is going to be so embarrassed and ashamed. She is working so hard on this for him but since he wont tell her the truth her battle is pointless, she is fighting for a villain.
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Hey Samantha get off you butt and get a job instead of sitting around your house all day. Then your family wouldn't be broke and you could afford the child support. A Man who WILL NOT pay for his own family should not be on the budget committee, very ironic.
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous
Good Christians own up to their transgressions, seek forgiveness, and accept whatever penance God chooses to mete out. Consider that this just may be that penance for the sins perpetrated against the first Mrs. Haas by both of you. He may be an all-loving God, but at the end of the day he expects you to atone, doesn't he? At least that's what I hear in church every Sunday.

Personally, I believe your husband sitting in jail relates more to Karma. That utterly brutal b----h that will, whether you want it to or not, come back around. Whatever it is you give, comes back to you threefold.
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterA Friend
Wow... hey Anons 3, 5, and 7. I wish you'd share your thoughts over on the Union Leader site. There's far too many people over there getting ready to empty their pockets to free this guy. Sounds to me like he's not so much of an angel as she'd like everyone to think, eh? Heck, I almost feel sorry for her. Almost, not quite... because it sounds like she's not entirely innocent either. I think she needs to leave him right where he is and get herself a life of her own... and yes that includes a job.
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous8
Hey I believe there is way more to this story than is being told...abuse and domestic situations to say the least...trips to Haiti...even if with fund raising cost $$ should of went to the first set of children...marrying someone that has outstanding obligations to children then having more children shame on you both for putting MORE children through nonsense....this bottom line affects our future of the country...children see, hear and feel all of this negativity and lack of pure responsibility when starting families...both of you work your butts off and forget helping others outside this country take care of your own obligations first and if you married him knowing this and you are a christian you should also feel an obligation to make sure these court ordered payments and arrears $$ are taken care of...assistance???? Heat help??? yet the amount of support put forth by the court dictates the large amount of money which is being make yet cant catch up after what 5 years now!! Stop trying to beg for $$ here on websites....both of you work, work 2 jobs each and take care of obligations...why should the state supplement your rent or heat while you attend school, and take trips to help other countries save that for the people that truly have the funds to do so!! Get it together and get off you butt and work, work hard real hard...then look inside and see if truly you should be asking for help!
June 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Wow, such very "interesting" comments here.....WHY would one of the comments "feel cheated" regarding the child support payments, and another comment tells Samantha to get a job to pay Nick's ex child support and there's a comment that mentions "Firsthand experience" of supposed mistreatment by Nick Haas. Hmmm....Firsthand treatment.....Sure looks to me like the FORMER Mrs Haas could be behind the smearing of the reputation of Nick Haas....AGAIN! When I heard about the actions of the Haas' ex-wife, I asked Mrs Samantha Haas, Nick's wife, if Nick felt "deliverance" after getting divorced.....Well, I didn't get a response to that question, but I'll bet he certainly did!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Comments that Make ya Go Hmmmmm... somebody claims Firsthand witness of maltreatment, then somebody claiming to know more about the child suport payments than even Samantha Haas would know like how much child support Nick actually paid, more claims of very personal knowledge of the marital relationship between Samantha and Nick Haas.....Sure sounds like the work of one very mixed up & angry individual.... Or at least a remake of the movie Sybil! Gee, I guess marriage the second time around REALLY IS A CHARM~
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
The ex-wife is the smart one. Not responding to anything here. I do know her, and she was the one who initiated the divorce, because he was providing for Samantha and her son behind her back, as they were going into debt. Samantha and Nick are dilusional. He is NOT up to date in child support. He has been found in contempt of court over 10 times. The abeyance is hysterical! It was held in abeyance in order for him to stay up to date! It would have disappeared if he stayed up to date, but he did not! HA! Get the point? He was too busy travelling, buying cars, and eating out. He had 5 chances not to go to jail, and ignored the judge. Absolutely ignored him. Samantha does not work, she feels entitled not to. Nick only has one job. There should be no sympathy. Those who gave money are suckers. I guarantee they will go away this weekend. All of you who feel bad have been lied to and you just wasted your money. You will never get it back. Do you know how much this guy makes? It is pathetic! They go to the food pantry and get handouts from the State, when we are talking $80-100K a year. That is what should be in the paper. And how can someone be on a Budget Committee when one cannot manage his own budget? It is so ridiculous! Bring this to the State House today and thank them for justice finally being served. This guy chooses not to pay....stop with bashing the ex-wife; she works full time and is on a budget. The other two should be on a budget and not take hand outs. She has been lying on all these posts. She just was scared because if he was still in jail, where would she get money? Again, stop with the ex-wife bashing unless you know the truth. You would all be embarrassed that you supported if you knew the truth. It is so clear and this is not a matter of a bad court system. Did Sam mentioned that Judge Tenney had two prior orders that said if he does not pay, then he will go to jail? Did he mention that Master Lemire had an order that said the same thing? This was not a surprise! They just are in their own world and thought that nothing would happen to then. It is time for the ex-wife's story to be heard...and I am only telling part of it for her.
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous
I also know the ex-wife. This is just about a man not paying. That is it. There was nothing unfair or unjust by the court system. He is in the wrong. And this Samantha person is also guilty because she spent the money that Mr.Haas should have payed. It is that simple. This is NOT parental alienation. Those of you that have been alienated - my advice to you - dont have the Haas' involved! They are liars and will ruin it for you! Who would go to a food bank when over the past 5 years have had a salary range of $85K - $130K? Unfortunately, you were all blindsighted by someone who wants their Sugar Daddy back. Go after Ms. Haas' story and find out how messed up the Samantha and Nicholas story is. Listen to Ms. Haas' story and you will hear the truth. It is quite amusing that they solicit donations for a church. Gives the churches a bad name!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnon
I'm really surprised at some of the negative comment's here. You people just don't understand the corruption and greed within our judicial system. How an ex-spouse can demean their former spouse in such a horrible way is beyond my imagination. Don't you understand the undo suffering of the children in situation's such as this? Can't you just be happy that you were able to move on with your life? If it weren't for your ex-spouse, that precious child/children who now suffer because of all this fighting, must be blaming themselves for all this heartache.
Hasn't it been stated Mr. Haas HAS been paying child support? And he hasn't seen his child/children since 2009? Why are parent's forced to pay for child they aren't allowed to see?Do you realize the pain this is causing the child/children? Why isn't there 50/50 custody?
Mr. Haas is not the only parent getting screwed over by the court's, who don't enforce visitation when it's ordered. In too many cases, the court's against the parent who doesn't make up stories of abuse. The first parent that run's to the court making allegation's get's custody. Why is the court NOT impartial, like they claim to be? Why is everything within the court system so one-sided?
Mr. Haas NOR his wife slandered his ex-wife. Did Mr. Haas tell tales of the failed marriage? NO! Everything isn't just black and white. The Court's and DCYF are the instigator's. They have torn apart many NH families, showing their bias toward's one, while screwing over the other. All for the almighty $. The destruction of our families must stop.
Think long and hard before running to DCYF and court's. Your children are the one's suffering, while DCYF and the Court's rake in your hard earned $$$$$$. Do you really think they're just trying to help your family? Think again!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterunhappygrammy
Get the real story. He gave up seeing his children. He would not show up when he was supposed to get them. He did not follow the parenting plan. He chose his new family over his first family. Those who contribute are total suckers. He only wants 50/50 so he does not have to pay. If you look at the all the facts, you will see that he is the one at fault. The ex-wife wanted the divorce because he was putting them in debt. She is happier now than ever. The new wife will be in the same situation one day, wishing she had never married him.

Do you even know the story about visitation? If you don't, you should not post untrue things. Contact the ex-wife and read the court orders for the truth.
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous
To Anonymous: I posted NOTHING untrue. I asked question's. Question's that pertain to ALL divorced couples. The personal lives of Mr. Haas and his ex-wife is none of mine or anyone elses business. I think you'd better read my post again, because you didn't get it the first time.
As for reading the court order's? I wouldn't believe what's in them as far as I could throw them. I have NO trust in the NH court system. I am well aware of the many falsified statement's made by NH Judges AND DCYF. I am also well aware of ALL the evidence they won't admit into court and the testimony and proof they seem to forget when writing their decision's. I know full well how parent's are screwed over by the NH judicial system. NH Judges are in a class of their own. The money hungry class. The class who could care less about the families they destroy and the children who suffer needlessly.
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterunhappygrammy
Some of these comments are just too funny! I've been told that Nick's ex is a WINDHAM PARKS AND RECREATION EMPLOYEE...YUP! She's a town employee with most of us would consider to be a nice salary with benies who is receiving alimony? What a joke! And, she's VP for the Londonderry PTA but won't let the hubby see his own kids since 2009?... what a nice person... It must be difficult to realize her kids' needing both parents and needing to see their sibling when she's got trust funds, alimony, PTA and her town job. That's must be so much for her.
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Maybe instead of taking vacations to maui and going away for the weekends and buying stuff that's not so legal.... Put that towards the back child support. Priorities are obviously not in order so if you think you can do a rally and get this back support wiped clean good luck you are just trying to make it ok for dead beat to continue to mess up kids lifes and go without important things so thanks for nothing
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterto whom it may concern
Looks like it's all about the money! Parents are only allowed to be parents for $$$$. What a sick world!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
She is not receiving alimony. Are you kidding? How does she makes a lot of money working for a Town? It was the father who CHOSE not to see his kids...get the facts straight. Go ask her instead of listening to the lies posted here. What does the PTA have to do with it? Call the ex-wife for the truth.

Money? Mr. Haas has made his bed and now has to lie in it.

All of you suckers who gave him money....HA HA HA HA too funny!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnon
There you see.....all you had to do was to tell me to talk to the ex so I will: Are you actualy trying to say that you don't make a lot of money working as a Town of Windham employee? Then if it's not enough money for you, why have you remained working there, since 2005 and working full time there since 2007! MANY people would be grateful to have that job and they would be thrilled with your Windham Town salary/benefits! Look, I know that you're angry with your ex, after all he's moved on with his life. But honestly, not allowing your kids to be able to see their dad is just rotten! What does being a VP of the PTA have to do with it? Parent teacher association is supportive of children and welcomes ALL PARENTS! That would also include the father of the kids!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Sounds to me from some of the negative posts like the ex-wife has changed her name to anonymous.....
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonomous also
Nick's ex probably has many names on here and on union leader by now! By the way, since we're on the subject of Nick's ex, who made a mention in one of her many negative emails above that Nick takes trips to Maui, I've been told that Nick and Samantha are to be given an anniversary gift that is being presented by their friends Marisol and Jay Lewis, who live in Maui. Marisol's and Jay's way of saying "happy anniversary" to Samantha and Nick Haas is by presenting them with pre-paid plane tickets so that Nick and Samantha can spend their August anniversary in peace away from the ex's negativity. By the way, there are already too many volcanoes in Hawaii, so the Ex will not be invited to come along for this upcoming anniversary trip!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
So this is the famous trip to Maui that the Ex is crying about? Well, after the father's day gift she gave him ((((jail))))), maybe now she wants those plane tickets for herself so she can say (((((happy anniversary))))!
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
ahhhhhhh...so obvious to me that the negative posts are from the EX Mrs. Haas, or from someone in her pocket/corner. Go ahead and spread all the lies you want about Mr. and Mrs. Haas, the truth shall prevail and I hope they enjoy their wonderful anniversary gift! After all they have been through, they certainly do deserve a tropical vacation....ENJOY!:)
June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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