Real Change

The media would make this election a choice between Obama, the champion for the 99%; and, Romney, one of the greedy 1%. And, Romney's spending $10s of millions to defeat Gingrich will be evidence.

This country is in a desperate situation; but, you would’t know it listening to most politicians. The debate about the "payroll tax cut" is an example of how public attention is diverted from the real issues. Democrats claim that this tax cut is good for the economy; and, Republicans don't want to collapse the economy, so they let it pass. Instead of funding Social Security retirements for future years, this money is now consumed by current workers. The only debate is about how to pay for it.

Democrats would "tax the rich" instead of deducting payroll contributions; Republicans point out that the rich will move their money abroad. So, now, they want to tax home purchases; but, with this, there will be fewer homes purchased. Eventually, they will tax employers and there will be less profits, lower tax receipts, fewer employees. The real issue is that diverting funds in this way turns our insurance plan, dependent on our contributions, into a social welfare program, dependent on tax receipts. In effect, we no longer "own" our share of the Trust Fund; rather, we are now dependent on the politics of the Federal Budget process. 40% of this budget is borrowed from Social Security, public employee pension plans and other bond holders.We are in a vicious circle of spending, debt and bail-outs; but, big spending cuts may damage the economy as well.

So, politicians in both parties put off budget decisions. We haven't had effective leadership for a dozen years. Romney, Perry and Houseman will give us more of the same policies; and, Paul, Bachmann and Santorum will generate intense political resistance. Gingrich is only candidate who has freed enterprise with tax cuts, limited government by balancing the budget and fostered civic virtue through entitlement reform. Newt Gingrich has changed the dynamics of this election and he will change the policies and politics of governance.

Amanda McCarthy