Talk Opposing House Bills 1148 and 1457

Dear NHInsider,

I have read with dismay about NH House Bills 1148 and 1457, having to do with evolution and science.  It is appalling that anyone would even consider not accepting the evidence for evolution in New Hampshire in the 21st Century. 

I give a talk called UnIntelligent Design—Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not. This addresses the continued efforts of the religious right to get "Intelligent Design" taught as though it were science in American public school classrooms.  My presentation is simultaneously scientifically accurate and very funny.

In my talk, I look at five parts of the human body that are designed very poorly, and show other animals that got better body parts, leading one to ask "So who does the Creator like better -- us, or squid?"  I also dispose of “irreducible complexity” by showing eyes in the rest of the animal kingdom at many different levels of complexity, all of which work.  I start by talking about men's testicles, which means that everybody pays attention.  I deliberately use humor as a means of puncturing bad arguments.   The presentation is highly accessible to a non-scientific audience and aims to provide talking points to people who want to support teaching evolution.  In fact, this is one of the few talks on this subject that directly addresses the fact that "Intelligent Design" is a political pressure group, not a scientific theory.

People who wish to support the teaching of evolution need good political-style talking points in order to succeed in the political arena, which is where Intelligent Design/Creationism is succeeding.  My talk fills an unfilled niche in that it is deliberately short, easy to understand, easy to remember, and very funny, all while debunking Intelligent Design.  It is accessible to a lay audience, though the science in it is unimpeachable.

I have a D.Phil. in zoology from Oxford University, and have taught college human anatomy and physiology for the last seventeen years, so I know my evolution, and know my anatomy as well.

I have given this presentation to college groups, humanist groups, and even churches all over the country, to enthusiastic reviews. I have also given two radio interviews, one for WBAI in New York and one on NPR/PRI.

Here's the link for the NPR interview.

I would love to give this talk in New Hampshire this winter. Do you have any suggestions?   


Abby Hafer

Science Department
Curry College