Martha Fuller Clark, Chris Sununu Thank You

My full support goes to Ms. Clark because she is the people’s choice.  I cannot say enough good things about Martha.  Running for NH State Senate District 21 was an honor because I met people like Ms. Clark.  Our points of view are completely opposite on how the state should run.   That did not make a difference in my believing in her.  It was the people’s choice that her goals and manner for what they want the State to be; so all my support and actions will be to support Ms Clark in any way that I can.  If Ms. Clark were to ask me for help in any thing I would put all my efforts to see that my actions were to bring her views forward.  In talking with and debating Ms Clark it was my honor to personally see what a nice person she is and I hope the people of NH get the same chance. 

            The sad thing about running is that the Veteran Resort-Chapel image was distorted because the Fosters newspaper spreads false rumors to harm it and make the voter despise me. The good is that Chris Sununu asked me to walk the property with him where the cabins for homeless veterans to live for free until they get back on their feet will be built.  Running for NH State Senate is not winning or losing but allowing the people to tell how the majority thinks the state must perform.  Meeting Mr. Sununu was my honor just like it was to meet Ms. Clark.  I hope this letter does not get censored as the newspapers have done to all my other opinion letters.  The voters must learn it does not matter Democrat or Republican.  We as a nation and as a state in the USA must put our hands out and help each other even if our points of view are different.  Each individual is different and has their own views but think how great it would be if we could all work together.   My volunteering to help others every day of the year is what my coming back alive to see and hopefully be a friend to great citizens like Ms. Clark and Mr. Sununu.  Serving the United States of American weather it is helping another person or as an elected official is my way of showing respect to all those that gave their lives in conflict to keep us free and safe. 

            Thank you Ms. Clark and Mr. Sununu it was my honor.

PS Mr. Sununu to bring the public awareness to the Veteran Resort-Chapel it is ok with me if the news media is made aware of our meeting.  I say that as this letter will be censored just like all my others by the biased news communication system.    

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi