Former Boston FBI agent Jay Fallon called me twice, menacingly in 2006

Agent Fallon told me, on two separate days/occasions, in a manner that in my opinion was a warning for me not to seek corruption charges against Ex-Chief of Police John Pickering, that 1.  The Boston FBI was not going to help me 2.  That Pickering was not going to be arrested 3.  That I did not have enough money to sue Pickering 4. That I should record any further calls from Pickering (All verbatim). These contacts are in my opinion a sign of corruption.  A little more than a year later my son was in a coma in the hospital.  I begged the Boston FBI to act and these conversations lead me to contact the USDOJ Inspector General.  As I recall, Agent Marci DeFede from the Portsmouth, NH Office spoke to me in 2006/2007 when I called about my allegations and she responded with "you shouldn't expect the FBI to help you since you have contacted the Inspector Generals Office".  I feel compelled to bring this information to the public since an American citizen is made the target of rogue officers within the FBI.  There is no excuse for these types of statements by officers sworn to protect the citizens of this country.  I am willing to take a polygraph test to prove these conversations occured and swear that I am of sound mind.  I must stand to protect mine and my sons rights at this point........they can be tried in a Federal court for these types of actions.