NH Rep Jordan Ulery - Make the US more like Europe?

I was exiting a local diner and overheard a well-dressed local resident loudly proclaiming that she did not know what the fuss about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was.  This woman then stated ‘Europe has health care and I do not see why we cannot have it here.’

Yes, Europe does have health care – of a sort.  Recent news articles appearing the Daily Mail of the UK reported that more than 100,000 seniors were “killed” by the NHS (National Health Service – national healthcare) in the United Kingdom (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2161869/Top-doctors-chilling-claim-The-NHS-kills-130-000-elderly-patients-year.html). I am not so sure I want a health system that engages in that type of service to the elderly, are you?  But, that is only one problem with the “Affordable” healthcare package passed against the will of the majority of Americans.

The so-called accounting by the CBC used to justify a cost savings has recently been modified to expose the looming increase in an individuals’ costs (taxes and penalties) paid by you and I for “free” healthcare.  The cost 2011-to 2021 is not 1.1 Trillion after deduction of penalties.  The penalties, however, are paid by you and me.  http://cbo.gov/publication/43080 this report is worrisome given that the recent Supreme Court decision reveals that the individual mandate is actually a tax and must be a tax for the mandate to stand.  The penalties cannot, according to the Supreme Court, be applied unless they are, as the Administration argued, a tax.

That is the problem with Obamacare it is not affordable.  Europe is in a dire situation.  A cursory glance at the Financial Times, der Speigle, or any large European newspaper will reveal countless articles warning of imminent crisis in the Continent due to excessive and unsustainable spending entitlements.  Is that what the well-dressed local resident wants to impose up us, endless taxes and spending, a reduction in your way of life and total, near absolute, control of your behavior, your life?

This coming election is the most important in our lifetime.  We are faced with a decision between entering a socialist European-like régime; or returning, albeit gradually, to a the American spirit of self-reliance, individuality.  In short the decision is between liberty and freedom or submission to a progressive utopia of slavish submission to the dictates of the elite.

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Jordan Ulery


NH State Representative

162nd General Court