Editors Violate Readers Trust

To censor the facts that a 100% combat related disabled US Marine and his wife put their life savings to help other US Military Veterans come home mentally as well as physically just does not make since.  WE just purchased eleven acres of water front property to build a Veteran Resort-Chapel where free of charge homeless veteran’s will have a cabin of their own to live in and campsites will be set for other Veterans and their families to come and bond.  There will be a lot of open space where one can build on their religious spirits, or just learn how to be a family after coming home from war.  It is hard for those that have never been to accept a Veteran helping other Veterans for to see would mean not just to listen but hear what we are saying also.  Newspapers censoring the words of a US Military Veteran or any person take away the right only God should have the power to do.   Freedom of Speech is not the editor’s choice. 

            I volunteered many years in schools and communities teaching children trash formation art.  I have treasured this art and refused to sell it to this point.  The Veterans Resort-Chapel is worth my selling my 2’x12”x6” hand carved and crafted Concord Stage Coach with driver, passages inside and draft horses in full harness pulling it.  The piece of art will go to the highest bidder and all the money will go to help proceed on the Veteran Resort-Chapel.  I created this art to not only help children but it was my self-imposed way to learn how to come back.  PTSD and TBI two of my four service-connected disabilities took everything away that was here.  The US Military and the VA dropped me into a society that scorned and rejected us.  Citizens back here hated us for what it was the news media’s false or biased reporting that blamed the military not the politicians.  Editors to censor the facts violate the reader’s trust, as it has become the norm more and more over the years.

            The news is so biased that to stop my free speech NH and the VA have stopped my medical care for combat related disabilities.  These government wrongs, which should be front-page in every newspaper across the USA, are censored.  The NH Supreme Court violated the Constitution to protect judge Peter Favuer.  I presented a case to the NH SC and they refused to accept it.  Fauver criminally used the power of the court to help the Madbury NH selectmen use the trust of the citizens to take from local residents for personal gain.  Editors violate the reader’s trust by censoring these facts. 

            Now the editors believe harming US Military Veterans in NH is OK if they are protecting a few elite citizens over the rights of the majority.  It cannot be tolerated editors believing it is their god given right to violate the reader’s trust.  The people have a right to know that a US Military Veteran has come home and wants others to have the same chance.   Our life savings is worth it if just one has the chance to come home.   

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Lee NH 03824

To censor this opinion letter of editor’s and government wrongs is just wrong.