Keeping an Eye on Central Planners

To the Editor,

Who could imagine being jailed for collecting rainwater on your own property? It happened in Oregon where the state has decided it owns all water, from what comes up through your well, to whatever falls from the sky! 

Some may be unaware that in NH we have 9 unelected boards called "Regional Planning Commissions". There is also a "Water Sustainability Commission", created in 2011 by executive order of the Governor. People that are appointed to these commissions have no authority to impose laws, but are funded by millions of tax dollars to "advise".  Their documents indicate the promotion of the idea that NH has some sort of water emergency, requiring draconian measures to manage it as a "collective" resource — even though they acknowledge that New Hampshire is a "water rich state".

On one commission's list of "legislative policies and priorities" (which they seem reluctant to define) are items such as "storm water management" and "storm water utility legislation".  Statements from their meetings suggest  that all water is to be treated as a  "state" resource whether it is from a public or private source, hinting at the idea that new regulations and taxes would be needed to control all usage "for the common good".

Further, there are activist groups (such as that are planning to target town meetings in Mass, Maine and NH this spring to promote and propose the passage of ordinances which will satisfy a demand for "collective rights" and the "rights of nature". 

If you value your private property rights, you will want to find out more about these NGOs and when they hold public meetings. 

The NH Water Sustainability Commission: 
Nine NH Regional Planning Commissions: 
For Maine, Massachusetts and other states: 
... or simply do a search for "regional planning commissions" or "regional planners" with your state in the phrase.

Please call 603-471-0138 for more info.

Jane Aitken
Bedford, NH 03110