Art and the Veteran Resort-Chapel

To keep the project to help Homeless US Military Veterans in NH moving selling my Artwork is needed.  I notified the Town of Lee what is happing at 101 Stepping Stone Rd.  It will be a religious sanctuary for homeless and mentally and/or physically handicapped US Military Veterans to call home and feel safe while they try to adjust to the real world.  My wife and I put our life savings and mortgaged our home to purchase the waterfront land.  In notifying the town and we sent copies to the news media and many others but the opinion page of all the news media refuses to inform the public what the truth is.  Veterans helping veterans is stopped by civilized societies’ refusal to put a hand out to tell everyone the truth about these men and women needing our help.  My dream and goal is to see what the VA and NH government has done to this 100% disabled US Marine does not happen to any of today’s US Military Veterans trying to come back.  The news media believe to censor my words are in the best interest for the safety of the community.  A veteran helping veterans should out rage the US citizens when newspapers like the Fosters and Union Leader believe it is their right to censor helping those that protected their Freedom of the Press. 

            You can view the hand carved and crafted Concord Stage-Coach by going to “Veteran Resort Chapel on the goggles search engine.  Everything in my life has been to volunteer to help other citizens for I had no right to come back alive when so many better than I were better qualified and deserved life more.  The Vietnam Conflict was hard times in US history because the news media butchered the necessities of war to the determent of our US Military personal.  We followed the directions of what our politicians that never served in our Military gave us to try to survive on.  The enemy had no rules except to kill and win.  US Military Veterans came home to rejection and eventual isolation as in NH the homeless veteran was created.   Six hundred homeless Veterans in NH alone are cruel to have this civilized society not do everything possible to correct this wrong.  Selling my artwork is the least that this US Marine can do.

            Help this US Military Veteran help other US Military Veterans by asking the news media in NH and across the USA to help Veterans helping Veterans.  Freedom of the Press we gave everything to see stayed safe now for the safety of the US Military Veteran let Freedom of the Press help us.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Lee NH 03824