Jeff Frost - Consumer Protection Act (NH and FTC) revised

Dear Attorney General: I have filed (Nov. 4th) a serious complaint concerning fraudulent advertising practices for the sale of health insurance of which bait and switch, pricing more expensive compared to the stated promise of savings on the same services, promises of a contract not fulfilled as advertised, and a demeaning of the competition- all to sell the contracts which were deceitfully misrepresented to myself and, it appears as of now, another 22,000 NH citizens. For instance Barry Obama and a number of other individuals within his influence who sold these plans publicly conducted a fraud based on the guidelines of the CPA stated on your web page which-  says even if the contract is legal:   

“Subsequent disclosures in the store (web site), on the product label (new health plans), or written contract (ACA law via Supreme Court) do not void deceptive claims in ads. (When selling it.)

The statements and claims made to us here in NH were deceptive sales tactics.

As the legal representative and enforcer of NH laws, and considering the ACA is officially a legal law but the sale of it was deceptive to NH citizens, and state rights and laws have power to protect state citizens when not otherwise restricted by the constitution, and the FTC laws for consumer protections are in effect as well as our own CPA law,- what will your office do to bring to justice those who perpetrated this massive fraud against NH citizens. I understand that there is a "sovereign immunity" protection provided for those class of people working within the government but only to the extent they did not violate the laws of the land, and the Consumer Protection Act is law. We now realize, in fact, that the monopoly of the Anthem Blue Cross insurance provider and the undisclosed government restrictions, pricing, plans, and services- are not as advertised by those who sold this Obama Care (ACA) to us here in NH.

Please let me know where my complaint is in the process of your office's consideration.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost