Tim Carter - Say Hello to the New Hampshire INCOME and SALES TAX

Governor Maggie Hassan has called a special session of the New Hampshire (NH) legislature to lay the foundation for an income tax. It may balloon into an income tax, a sales tax and increased property taxes.

NH House representatives and Senators have been busy in Concord the past few weeks working away at expanding Medicaid. They're poised to vote on this days from now - Thursday, November 21.

The Federal government is going to pay all the costs for the first three years with fake money they get to print. After three years, New Hampshire residents have to start to pay ten percent of the cost with real money. NH residents will be on the hook for tens, possibly hundreds, of millions of dollars of expense for this Medicaid each year. 

Do you trust the Federal government after they told you you could keep your health plan and your doctor? Do you think the Feds might say in three years, "Well, we didn't really tell you the truth. We can't pay 90%. We can only pay 50%. Sorry."

If you want less money to pay your bills or gather as savings in your bank account in the future, then sit back and do nothing. I'm serious. Just sit on your couch and watch TV.

If you want to stop a future income and sales tax in New Hampshire, call Governor Hassan, all the NH state senators and your NH House reps. You have just HOURS to do this because they vote on Thursday. Tell them:

  • Do NOT expand Medicaid
  • Table this legislation
  • Wait until the Obamacare Train Wreck is cleaned from the tracks

Don't forget to tell Maggie she'll be a one-term Governor if she signs a Medicaid expansion bill. Period.

Tim Carter

Meredith, NH