Jeff Frost - Insurance Department of NH - your letter you sent in response to my complaint dated 19 Nov. 2013

Dear Catherine,

            To be more specific in my complaint as to the local insurance company and producer, etc.. that you seem to require, I state the following as additional personal and state wide problems to my purchasing of individual insurance for me and my family:

First: I can not access the web site required to purchase healthcare as advertised by the selling authority for our only insurance exchange provider in the state, Anthem, selling their product under the new bait and switch and fixing and trade practices sold and manipulated and undisclosed by the Executive Branch on behalf of Anthem (and any other complicit insurer that would remain silent) and with substantial financial rewards to Anthem holding this monopolistic position.

Second: the selling authority, the Executive Branch, provided monopolistic predatory practices that hindered competition, services, and doctors by other providers and “forced” a single provider monopoly for Anthem, continues to belittle other insurance plans (against the CPA laws), and illegally “price fixed” competitors out of the business of providing lower cost plans previously supplied and demanded by me and my family which could be accessed or bought before- the new plans are some thousands of dollars more than before.

Anthem is not less expensive as advertised by the Executive Branch for exchange providers. This "fixing" of prices and services among providers was discovered, post sale, in the contract of the law known as the Affordable Care Act, a misnomer and deceptive sales slogan if their ever was one. These undisclosed price increase differences by Anthem can only be explained by duplicity in knowledge and knowing acceptance in the deceit to sell their future product at a price and service not as advertised.

From the Consumer Protection Act:

“Subsequent disclosures in the store (web site on the, on the product label (new health plans by the now legalized monopoly insurance corporation -Anthem), or written contract (ACA law via Supreme Court) do not void deceptive claims in ads. (When selling it.)

NH insurance provider Anthem has the sole, and is the only "monopoly",  insurer in the state of NH on the exchange, is not providing stated twenty five hundred dollar saving annually as advertised pre- ACA “Obama Care” promotions to sell Anthem's or any insurer's future contracts. My family will experience price increases in the thousands of dollars above the stated savings, if and only if I can access the provider web site at some future date. My previous research last year from brokers provided no indication that contracts were going to change services, providers or pricing and I was told time and again that they would not- in advertisements on behalf of insures by the Executive Branch and Barry Obama.  No insurer denied those claims!

I hope this is succinct enough to look into the practices to get from where we were a year or so ago to where we are today with regard to what was stated and what is available from Anthem today and not available from competitors because of predatory prices and services and fixing practices deceptively sold, and it appears, deceptively conspired against the NH consumer to force future sale of contracts of health insurance not remotely similar, or promised, in advertisements by any individual, branch, or insurer complicit or silent in the sale of these future contracts. Anthem remains silent today as to how they could not pre-disclose the actual pricing and services required under the ACA law sales pitch when it was sold and advertised on their behalf to indicate something completely different than the actual contracts available after the sale- a violation of the CPA law.


Jeffrey S. Frost, 

Manchester, NH