Town Meeting Invasion has Begun

To the Editor;

If there is one bit of hypocrisy that irks me the most, it's the charge from the progressive camp that 'outside groups' are interfering in NH's business on behalf of the conservative agenda.

When Rep. Susan Almy held a 'tax summit' in 2009, she invited outside, Soros-funded groups to come speak to the legislature on behalf of a state income tax, while excluding real grassroots taxpayer groups such as GST and CNHT. Her excuse? "You have FOX News" she wrote to me in response to an email I sent asking where the local advocacy groups fit in and why they were not invited to participate in the discussion about NH's taxes. From there, her conversation became even more bizarre and disconnected from the real issue, I suspect, because she HAD no excuse.

And now it has come to our attention, as predicted, that one of the PR firms being used by the Regional Planning Commissions to shape the debate and guarantee that the outcome of NH's towns will be their full acceptance of the federal government's HUD/EPA/DOT commitment to Agenda 21, is now apparently showing up at town meetings.

In this case, it is to lobby for all day kindergarten, something that only the locals should be able to decide, according to a letter in the Laconia Daily Sun:

This is even more reason to get out to your town meetings, a few nights or Saturday mornings, where your taxes may be raised by those who represent the agendas of wealthy corporations and their foundations.

Jane Aitken