Peter Macdonald - Homeless US Military Veterans and the Veteran Resort-Chapel

Veteran Resort-Chapel  -   VRC

         Bill to the Town of Lee for Legal Department of (VRC) for Religious land use and institutionalized persons act due to uncalled for delays and expensive in discrimination and rejection of cabins in the woods on eleven-acres at 101 Stepping Stone rd Lee NH as is allowed by zoning in the Town of Lee NH and as has been so allowed as on RT #125 being completed this very year.

1 septic design required by the building inspector before allowing tree cutting on property even though he was informed Compost Toilets were and are going to be the sole use on this property as it is the Religious belief of the VRC.


2.  On March 22, 2013 the building permit was denied even though all requirements were met under the law RLUIPA and court decisions

3.  The Planning Board on March 27, 2013 did not issue the permit but delayed until April 10,2013 requiring that the drive way line on the septic design be extended two inches at a cost of 1000.00 to serve no purpose except to enlarge the bill to discriminate against the VRC 

4.  Discrimination in the form the law, constitution and the US Supreme Court clearly allows others to do this very act but the VRC is delayed and denied.  The VRC legal department charges $10,000.00 for services as the Town of Lee NH has been so informed on March 28, 2013 With the VRC commandments and the application for a building permit. From March 28, 2013 to the next Planning Board Meeting April 10,2013 is at a cost of 10,000.00 pre-day $2000,000.00 for this is the VRC’s religious belief and conviction and under the court rulings they and no government power has the right to question this. 


5.  The total of the bill so far is

      $1700.00 un-needed septic design

       $1000.00 to have lines extended on un-needed septic design

        $200,000.00 for legal department costs, as VRC religious belief requires.    

Total $202,700.00

Discrimination and abuse of government power is Illegal in the USA and for a town government in New Hampshire to use manipulation and abuse of power to demonstrate Totalitarianism to stop or delay homes for homeless US Military Veterans can never be tolerated.  The $10,000.00 per-day legal bill runs until the bill is paid, as that is our religious belief and conviction. 

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Minister and president of the VRC