VRC web site is up


            The web site is up and in the next week or so it will take shape.  Helping returning from the front US Military Veterans must come first.  Citizens using their own money to build rent free single person tiny structures for US Military Veterans to find their way back is positive action.  Neighbors or any other person that speaks against helping US Military Veterans returning needing help but the flawed system we have is what the naysayers use as the reason not to help these (Veterans) citizens in their neighborhood.  Put the homeless US Military Veteran in any other town or neighborhood but ours.  101 Stepping Stone Rd Veteran Resort-Chapel is not the complete solution to helping all the homeless US Military Veterans that exist in NH alone.  635 registered homeless US Military Veterans exist in this State of New Hampshire.  This is only the registered homeless US Military Veterans.  All homeless US Military Veterans are not drug addicts or alcoholics.  Some are people just like you or anyone else that lost their job or the spouse took everything in the divorce.  Some of these Homeless US Military Veterans are disabled and unable to swim the maze of protocol to get the VA Medical care they need.  The VA turns away just as many veterans seeking help from the effects of their military service because there is no proof of it happening during combat.  I know because of the years of struggle even though I have four service-connected disabilities.  Three of my disabilities are Combat related.  I had a copy of my military medical file so every time the VA lost it I could give them a copy. They say they are working to correct the problems but they say that after every new wave of combat veterans return.  The problems today’s veterans suffer from the VA is the same as before just a new label.   

            On May 29 the Lee ZBA will meet and the subject is the wrongful action of the Town of Lee NH denying the VRC a building permit even though the area is zoned for what was asked to build.  The naysayers tell me that my bad mouthing the selectmen and planning board members that use their government position to make the resident of Lee believe that the VRC is not zoned in this area to build.  The selectmen and planning board member live in this neighborhood and do not want “these type people” (their own words) in their area.  These naysayers make the public believe that I am a danger or mentally ill.  I volunteer almost every day of the week to help other people.  I am not badmouthing any person.  If they do not want me to speak publicly about their actions then do not do it. 

            I am a 100% disabled US Marine from the Vietnam Conflict. My wife and I are using our life savings to help other US Military Veterans. A veteran helping other US Military Veterans not go through what my coming home was.  The newspapers refuse to print the letters to the editor from the VRC informing the residents of these government wrongs.  Ignorant citizens lead to more government wrongs when the next person enters the wrong neighborhood.  Think about it?

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi