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Lee  NH  homeless veterans

            The UL had two great articles today.  One being “Club house” about how The Brookside Congregational Church of Somersworth NH is hosting a place for mentally and physically impaired to have a future.  The neighbors are all for such a place to exist but not in their neighborhood.  Then on the Veterans page “Motor vehicle crashes” how returning combat veterans have a 75% chance of being in a car crash compared to those that never serve.  The Veteran Resort-Chapel (that my wife and I put our life savings to purchase the land and give it to the non-profit) plus we are going to build the single bedroom 16’x24’tiny home with a private chapel in the basement and two religious meditation shacks 8’x16’ all with full bathrooms.  The tiny home and the two shacks will have full bathrooms using compost toilets.  From the town of Lee NH selectmen down to the Stepping Stone Rd neighborhood everyone says they are for it but not in their neighborhood.  Yet the Union Leader does not believe US Military Veterans homeless on the street rate coverage in their newspaper. 

            I have been there and I am some times still there.  Society that tries to make others afraid of me claims that I am mentally unstable, create hate to stop the VRC.  I am one that came back alive and sees just how wrong that was.  The UL caught the true meaning of the mental and physical state most returning veterans are in when we come home from our tour.  Returning US Military Veterans even from today’s wars suffer the same and end up the same homeless on the streets.  Society claims as they do after each war to understand and not let what happen before to these US Military Veterans happen to the ones coming home from today’s war.  Warehousing US Military Veterans in homeless shelters as our government sees as the solution is not the answer.  We all say we want to help but do not let “people like this in our neighborhood” is the common denominator.  To illustrate when I stepped off the plane many years ago the first word from the first round-eyed girl was just after she spit on me “Baby killer” and as ironic as that is just last month a 21 year-old bartender made a comment on a Vietnam news comment on the TV about how those that served in Vietnam were “baby killers”.  I (meaning all of us) are still there for the proud memory of servicing as US Military for the USA we did what was needed to survive to make the USA exist another day.  It is not easy coming home but some of us make out better than others.  Fighting the silence of newspapers like the Union Leader believing not telling our side helps us is wrong.  The existence of the VRC is to help a few of the 600 plus homeless US Military Veterans in New Hampshire alone.  I beg the Union Leader to print this letter and let the people of NH take a chance on a Veteran helping Veterans come home. 

            I ask everyone that reads this letter to write the newspaper and the town of Lee NH and just ask why not in their neighborhood?

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

101 Stepping Stone Rd.  Lee NH 03824