Our health, freedoms are under attack.  My intent is to educate the citizenry, regardless of political affiliation, nobody can or will escape unless the political landscape is turned around.  The  concerns are centered around radiated GMO foods, chemicals in our food, drugs (vaccines), Chemtrails, Digital/Smart meters, Fluoride and chlorine in our water, The list goes on, on, and on.  What’s the goal behind these agendas?  Genocide?  How about Plank One and Three of the Manifesto.  When the diseases and illnesses kick in, you and your equitable interest of  property will be separated, gone, therefore no inheritance.  Your equity will be wiped out.  Oh yes, you will still have the Right to Inheritance, what are you going to leave, medical bills?  The videos will take over three hours, be patient at the start of Dr. Perlingieri lecture.   Guarantee you will like Dr. Tent, our type of guy.  Tells it like is.  If the agenda of slowly poisoning society continues, nobody will escape, that includes, YOU.