Jeff Frost - Regal Immunity Causes Loss of Rights

When does a state employee become above the laws for the citizen he is employed to protect? Have you ever asked that question? The answer is always unless they have committed physical harm to a person for no good reason. Somehow we have devolved into two tiers of classes within our state and nation. One class has nearly invincible immunity from their actions as government employees. The other class of people- the citizens, are always subject to the laws and whims of the government employee who has no accountability when they use their authority beyond common decency and ethical standards and even abuse your rights.

My house was broken into when I and my family were on vacation. So was a law firm. Things of value were taken. Of the leaders who planned it, authorized it from the top, and committed the tress pass and thievery only one lone person has taken the fall simply because the bosses are letting that rather pawn like person take the blame and are hiding behind immunity. These same people let an extortion go on as they themselves twisted me to take a dive and suck up a fine and a charge or two or they would literally destroy me and my business. They were willing to let national security be weakened simply to win at any cost.

They are all government paid employees. Two from the NH Attorney General Office and three from the Banking Department, yet even with a NH Legislative Committee recommendation to investigate nothing will happen to anyone under this Governor’s administration and the control by the Democrats- they are after all Progressive “controllers” of citizen rights through absolute power of the government.

Most of our government is immune from taking responsibility for their failures, no matter how egregious and self serving those actions may be in their abuse of power. One example is you can be on the hook to pay perceived legal costs to the government.

Yet they are immune to paying your legal costs no matter how inane and abusive the charges are found to be when they lose and admit to making “five to ten mistakes every day” as former Deputy Attorney Richard Head said in a NH Legislative Committee hearing.

Another tactic which becomes apparent in many cases I have been advised of is that government department leaders get much of their funding from fines and fees and pull what I call the Al Capone protection money card, either you take the charges they feel you should, pay up a reduced amount now, or they will, effectively, burn your house down pursuing huge fines and jail time you can not survive and live with.  

This power to intimidate and scare normally wins over and they are paid no matter how wrong they were in making the charges or violations in the first place. People can not afford the house burning they would endure. What is most ironic is we are paying in taxes to fund these government bullying tactics and when they win their case you may have to pay for the legal costs of government paid lawyers who already are paid for with taxes. No matter how you look at it they never really have any fear of reprisal. 

Former Banking Commissioner Peter Hildreth was allowed to resign and take his abundant retirement after such an obvious public abuse he let slide while his brothers were paid out from the FRM Ponzi scheme and while he made up an illegal charge to arrest me and used it to make false malicious news releases against me. He, like so many I have come across in my dealings with, because they are state employees, are covered by the special class of citizen immunity only a government employee can get. 

In this time of disclosures of so many aspects of our rights being ignored by government agencies such as the NSA, DEA, Justice Department, and the IRS at the federal level and here at the state level we must take action as voters, citizens, and free people to contact our Representatives- Federal, State, and local and see where they stand and let them know it is time be to be accountable. No more two tier classes of people, they should not exist in a nation who fought so hard to be free of the reign of power of kings, dukes, and earls, only to be again be suppressed by appointed bureaucrats with regal immunity.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost