Andrew Seales - Yahoo Group Owners In Revolt

Dear NHInsider:

This is not a form letter for the media. Its a one on one, with one asking for your help to get the word out on something that means a lot to Yahoo group owners and users.

Last month Yahoo rolled out a new group format called 'neo groups'. This was rolled-out with no advance notice.

Several groups including mine were rendered useless. There are major security flaws in the new format. Several elderly and visually impaired have complained that this new system is not in compliance with the ADA. At last count about 75,000 Yahoo group owners and users complained on the Yahoo feedback forum and asked Yahoo to roll-back this system. All to no avail. Hundreds of groups have been deleted by their owners affecting 1 million users. I too had to delete my group with 1500 members. What’s left more me is to force the issue and bring the blasé attitude of Yahoo to the light of day. Maybe you can help with your voice and stature by asking Yahoo to do the right thing and restore the groups to the older format.


PS The last active teen and family network disbanded this morning. They have 120,000 members.