Response "There's no place like home" Union Leader

Response “There’s no place like home”

To the editor

            Everyone just like the UL say that they recognize the situation of homeless Veterans in NH.  I hear at fundraisers all the time the words just like your article “Homeless” and “Veteran” appearing in the same sentence incomprehensible.  To this day I cannot understand why the UL censors telling it’s readers of the Veteran Resort-Chapel at 101 Stepping Stone Rd.  Lee town officials have stated “we are a community of Professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve homeless in our neighborhoods”.  To stop the VRC Lee took us to court and a judge ruled a trailer registered in the VRC (owner of property) cannot have a legally registered with NH DMV in our back yard, the VRC cannot have a piece of 4’x4’ scrape plywood with the chapel name on it in our front yard and we cannot have a portable toilet (the same company that rents portable toilets to the town of Lee) on VRC property.  The Judge rules this to be true.  The judge approved “Discrimination” and now this case is in the NH Supreme Court.  Go to the VRC web site and see the documentary film (3minutes long) and see that this entire property is bought and donated to the Veterans NON-profit specifically to help homeless Veterans in NH try to come home.

            The UL and all other newspapers refuse to even print letters to the editor that mention the VRC in them.  The UL and all other newspapers will refuse to print this letter for it demoralizes the news media’s creditability to zero.  The editors and many others may believe that I am a mental case.  Guess what I have four disabilities from my days in the USMC.  Three being combat related disabilities from serving to protect and defend the very documents the UL diminishes. 

            Homeless and Veteran are in the same sentence because of the censorship of newspapers just like the UL.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Minister at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH 03824