Peter Macdonald - Shame on Lee NH

To the Editor:  Shame on Lee NH


            The shame and disrespect the NH news media, court judge and the Town of Lee have shown US Military Homeless Combat Veterans.  The TOL took the Veteran Resort-Chapel to court to close them down.  A TOL official told me “we are a community of professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve homeless in our neighborhoods” as their reason.   The charges were a legally registered with the NH-DMV trailer parked in our back 11-acre yard.  The second charge was a scrape piece of plywood with the name of our chapel on it to inform our church members.  The third charge is a portable toilet used by the constructions workers.  The toilet was rented from the same company that the TOL rents from.  There was no zoning ordinance against the toilet so the TOL used the International Plumbers code to tell the court the rented portable toilet was illegal.  The court ruled we cannot park the legally registered trailer on VRC property ever, we must remove the scrape plywood leaning against the flagpole, and we cannot have a rented portable toilet on VRC property.  This is a court ruling that the news media refuses to inform the public.

            The shame and disrespect NH, the courts and the TOL is slamming Homeless Combat US Military Veterans goes beyond belief but it is all documented in the courts.  We the US Military stand with Honor so we can never hurt another US Citizen leaving our Suicide the only answer.  Death with dignity rather than live in the Shame of Lee NH is why many US Military Veterans commit suicide.  The shame you make us feel for coming back alive.  To censor the letters of those that fought to make it for these letters to the editor to be printed is ironic!  I personally do not believe in Suicide but it so I ask the VA not to send the police to my home.   Have a great Veterans Day and try to remember we the ones that discussed you made freedom possible.  Letters to the Editors being censored how real is it to be alive?  

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi