India warns US of consequences on visa reform

Dear NH Insider:

I reach out to you about an article in Yahoo News titled:  India warns US of consequences on visa reform.

I am sure that you heard, or are aware, or could be closely informed, and even have an opinion about India’s Jaishankar comments to Congress about H1B labor. 

More than two thousand people commented about how the H1B labor issue impacts their livelihood, or eventually will.

Jaishankar, in referring to possible policies that Congress might impose on H1B labor in our nation, also told the Associated Free Press: "We think this is actually going to be harmful to us. It would be harmful to the American economy and, frankly, it would be harmful to the relationship" between the two countries".

Consider, every professional, who is a U.S. citizen in our nation, no matter if white or blue collar in vocational focus will also suffer the same impact on their livelihood if allowing the furthering of the H1B labor force here.

Jaishankar, an individual from India, is able to go directly to Congress and ‘warn them’.  I, like many other US citizens, could only wish to just speak with our congressional representatives about getting our jobs back.  But instead, we are obliged to, if really compelled, to send nothing more than what amounts to a form mail message that our congressional representation more than likely won’t ever read.

You are empowered to get America’s voice heard!  I write in feeling that it is vitally important to encourage congress to take a firm and tangible policy that will prevent the eventual gutting of our economy that will affect every US Citizen in our nation.  

It is common sense that you cannot gut the foundation beneath a house that you are building.  And I believe that we all understand this no matter who we are in our nation. Like the 2000+ that commented on the Yahoo article, I feel that your audience would also share this view; and could even be unemployed due to the H1B issue.

 I ask you to bring more light on this issue with your audience due the fact that someone from India is in the position to ‘warn our congress’.  Consider – he is able to do this simply because India provides cheap labor to business’s which fund our congressional member’s campaigns.

So how effective can our congress really be with our collective encouragement.  Are we supposed to wait till we get to the voting booths; or can your readers in their opinions be of help before then?

One question you might want to pose is "What happened to tax incentives to US Based corporations, and or firms, which do business in the United States of America, for hiring U.S. citizens. Is this not the best way to put America back to work and therefore receive more income tax revenue?"

Thanks for reading this,

 Orion Karl Daley