Earl Rinker Endorses Jim Rubens For US Senate

There are three prominent Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for either of the two candidates who have recently come here from another state. My old friend, Bob Smith, is a nice guy, and did an admirable job when he was in the Senate, but that was long ago. He's been living in Florida for years and has done some strange things over the years (like supporting John Kerry for President). Why would we vote for someone who hasn't lived in New Hampshire for years and who keeps wandering off the reservation.

Then there's Scott Brown, another carpetbagger, from all places, Massachusetts. He may have a home in Rye, but he's been living in Massachusetts until very recently. Yes, he has also been a U.S. Senator for a brief time from Massachusetts, and his record shows that he has voted with the Democrats almost as often as he has voted with Republicans. Some say he's the only candidate with a chance of beating the incumbent. I say hogwash.

My candidate is Jim Rubens, who now has the backing of three super PACS. He has a record anyone can look at as a former N.H. Senator. He was named the Union Leader's Citizen of the Year! He is the one person responsible for getting charter schools started in the Granite State, a great boon to less advantaged kids, who have trouble making it in the regular school system. Unlike Senator Jean Shaheen, the incumbent, who has been a rubber stamp for all things Democrat, including Obamacare, Jim is not a career politician, and has even promised to serve only two Senate terms, if he should get elected and reelected. Jim has lived in New Hampshire for 40 years, has raised a family here, and has run ten different (small) businesses here.

Jim Rubens is a leader and will bring that leadership to Washington. I am extremely proud to endorse Jim for U.S. Senate, the only true Granite Stater in this race!

Earl A. Rinker III
Former Executive Councilor
Manchester, NH