Save the date, September 2016


The New Hampshire political establishment seems to have woken up and discovered that the fine folks over at the Free State Project were actually *serious* about their plans to get 20,000 liberty loving people to move to New Hampshire. This month, the FSP confirmed that they're at 80% of their goal and projects that they will meet their goal in September 2016 thus "triggering the move."

What does this mean for New Hampshire? If you were to read Fergus Cullen's recent op-ed at the Union Leader, you'd come to the conclusion that the Free State Project presents a clear and present danger to the future of New Hampshire on a par with, oh I don't know, fluoridation of the water supply (gasp!) or the heartbreak of psoriasis (shudder!). Well, regardless of the real or imagined impact of the FSP on Mr. Cullen's well being, one thing is looking more and more certain: the Free Staters are coming.  

Chip Marce