Orion Karl Daley - Amendment to out source all government jobs !

Dear NH Insider: 

Let simply amend the constitution - I think it is best to out source all government officials - we can insist that they do , and only do their prescribed jobs as government administrators, and not waste tax payer money on divides in the house, or otherwise, and if not doing their job we can quickly replace them with a simple clause - "you are on probation - that is always" 

When they say - 'I hear you" well in this case we can be more assured that they do ! 

They really do not even have to speak our language as most politicians don't anyways.  

They simply just have to follow the Constitution , which should not be that hard . . . .although it seems our politicians today all have their own convenient interpretations. .  

We can pay them below or at minimum wage, and allow them rudimentary living facilities. After all this is what H1-B's are accustomed to in taking America's jobs from US Citizens already.. 

As many American's are jobless by outsourcing, if its supposed to be good for business, well it should be for government too ! 

And since government is supposed to be for the people, well it should be a cost savings at worst. And at best, we might even get something for the taxes paid.  

Sincerely Yours, 

Orion Karl Daley