Letters to the Editor



NH and the Veteran Resort-Chapel

  It has started the long road to helping A 100% disabled US Military Veteran helping other US Military Veterans come home mentally as well as physically.   I cannot believe the few that give derogatory remarks to what I say in my letters.  To accept what so few say makes so many others stay away in fear.  I am nobody that volunteers every day to help other individuals.  There is nothing special about me as my act is selfish for I came back alive when so many better than I gave their lives to keep what we have here in the USA strong and free.  I am asking nothing for it is my obligation to see what so many US Military gave over the history of the USA is not and will never be in VAIN.  There is no selfish motive as my life since coming back in 74 has been to volunteer to help others every chance possible.  I do this Veteran Resort-Chapel because I came back with no memory from TBI of ever being in the USA.  I came back with three other combat related disabilities to a nation that spit one me with scorn and rejection.  We come back different even if many forges a normal life back here in the world say it had no effect on them.  Some veterans are lucky as I feel that I have been.  I struggle ever day with suicide and other mental and physical disabilities that others never see.  The Veteran Resort-Chapel is a place for all veterans to go with or without family to try to come back in there own way. I accept the comments good or bad for it is individuals freely expressing their own ideas and that is what we fought to protect and defend. 

            My wife is a great woman.  She and I are putting our life savings into this because we are lucky.  It is our way of saying that to US Military Veterans that a silent hand with no obligations for staying or using the Veteran Resort-Chapel will be there for you.  Coming home for some US Military is difficult as the roads we took and the trauma we faced along with the disabilities that we incurred changed the way we think and react.  My wife and I know to make this successful helping the US Military Veteran it will have to be a self-sustaining business.  We want to place an out side bar and grill on the property with a chapel to bring the public to help support the US Military Veteran come home and enjoy it along the way. 

            I ask those that want an idea what it will be; to go over to the “Rough” in Yorke Maine on Rt. 1 behind the Barn Restaurant.   This property (eleven acres) we bought in Lee NH is so unique that with the Chapel, bar and grill about 200 feet in the woods from the road will leave an area thousands of feet away near the water for the campsites and cabins for the Veterans to come home mentally and physically. 

            It is my belief that the people of NH have the right to know these facts.  The newspapers and news media censor my words.  NH and the VA stopped my medical care for combat related disabilities to stop my opinion of government wrongs.  To keep the public ignorant of any person trying to help US Military Veterans come home mentally and physically is the greatest crime of all time. 

            Tell the editors and news media just what and injustices they are!

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi

Lee NH 03824


Are you going to help? 

As an American citizen who can vote and pays taxes and was born here in 1964. I am the person who worked all my adult life to earn a nice house and a car and family. I was the one who put my time in with my employers and saved money just like you told us to so we had something for retirement, I am the one who raised my kids and stayed with them and am getting them through high  school. I am the one who is responsible and paid my debts and was able to support my family.

     This all changed 5 years ago when my bank {Ameriquest} went under and when my payment for my mortgage was going to Mexico and not being applied to my mortgage. I fought with the bank all the way to Federal Bankruptcy Court to try and save my house, only to be taken from me because Deuatch Bank and Ameirquest broke the law and forged all the documents to not be criminally prosecuted.

     Next in May of 2010 I lost my job with Unifirst Corp. because of corporate downsizing after 4 years of service. The idea that corporate America was downsizing because they could.  Now the government in its wisdom told me to go get my college education. Now in 2.5 years I have my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, my Paralegal Certificate and in June of 2013 I will have my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and all I have to show for my college degree is 30,000 more in debt and no job.

     I have spent all my saving to live and now I am like the Senior citizens who retire and have to sell everything just to go into the county nursing home to die. I am 48 years old with no direction and NO HOPE FOR GAINFULL EMPLOYMENT. The numbers that came out today 7-27-2012 show we have no chance to find any work not even part time work. I get maybe 1 or 2 days from a temp agency and I drive for a courier service on Saturdays. I have depleted all my unemployment and I am looking at cutting my loses and moving to Canada and giving up my US citizen because it is hopeless to watch the corporate greed and the government doing nothing to help me but you keep bailing out the banks. They need another 2 TRILLILON DOLLARS in their wallets. Pretty soon the banks will have more money than the US government has.

     You want me to pay my taxes and support myself but you keep doing the job you are doing in Washington, Concord, NH and pretty soon there won’t be any money to pay you.  Pretty soon we will be like Russia more people collecting government aid than people paying into support them.

     This is coming from a voter who is underemployed and frustrated with how America is going. We keep it up and you to will be looking for jobs. By the way my 150 thousand dollars I had in retirement is gone so now I get to work until the day I die. Thanks for all the hard work you are not doing. Keep up the good work and I will see you on the welfare and bread line very soon.

Unemployed broke voter who has no idea what to do:

Eric C.Engelhart


Connecticut assigns assistant attorney general Cynthia E. Mahon to defend my lawsuit

I have retained attorney Lisa Vincent, a Quinnipiac Law Grad with honors.  Lisa is supportive of activism and fights the good fight.  She finds my story and battle fascinating and knows it has merit.  Claims Commissioner #23009 in Connecticut.  The Meriden PD also ignore the Internal Affairs complaint filed by the MAYOR'S OFFICE of Meriden, in defiance of my family regaining our rights! We the people has been overtaken by We The Powerful.......we need change, and it looks like the Redress of Grievance Committee is doing just that.  Congrats Johnson, Haas, Vandenberg and hopefully soon...HOLMAN.



Nicholas Haas, Petitioner #33 with the New Hampshire House of Representatives Redress of Grievance Committee.  PETITION FOUNDED!



Suit filed against Connecticut state, naming New Hampshire co-conspirators....

I have filed notice with the Claims Commissioner, and have named Kelly Ayotte, Ex-Chief John Pickering, Thomas P Colantuono and others in the fraud and conspiracy/color of law that I know my family has suffered, at the hands of New Hampshire, Connecticut and Washington state DSHS/DCF/DCYF/DOJ, among others.  I will be deposing as many of them as possible and look forward to questioning why they have expunged or maintained no documentation to challenege my allegations.  There should be hundreds of documents, mind you.  THEY OBVIOUSLY BELIEVE A BLACK MAN AND HIS TODDLERS/CHILDREN DESERVE NO MORE RIGHTS THAN AN ANIMAL AT THE ZOO.............less, actually!