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Denied judges name, docket number, outcome etc...until now! Corruption.

It is my opinion that Judge Albee asked Judge Roland Fasano to hide from me the drug bust in 2007, the fact that my 4 year oldson may have been assaulted by the perp, accused of informing on his drug dealing, the stabbing in 2009 and everything else they could lie about! I have faxed Judge Fasano a letter today, and also filed a complaint with the Feds regarding deliberate judicial misconduct by Pamela Albee and Judge Roland Fasano.  There is no place for these Judges to act in such a way in their courtrooms.  I was deliberately told nothing by Meriden Courthouse clerks, where the aunt of my sons worked for over a decade.  The states attorney wouldn't answer my questions regarding the drug bust or who presided.  I called everywhere until finally, a computer that did not have the information expunged gave up its fruit.  Now, I have an accomplice of Judge Albee's.  Someone who also sought to deny us a right to be free from sexual abuse, physiocal abuse and neglect.  New england, a cesspool of judicial system criminals....I am just happy the internet gives us a place to print the truth because the media sure isn't ruffling the feathers of the Judges.  Under another stone I find another pit of snakes.....


Who the Heck is David Bates (R) - Windham ?


My name is Geoffrey Niswander, and I am an independent NH voter living in Warner.

I am curious about David Bates, R-Windham, and have for the past hour been trying to find an online biography about him. There is nothing to be found (!), and I mean nothing...I can't even find out what sort of job he has or had, or his education level,  there is nothing to be found other than being a current NH legislator. Nothing at all about his life, where he is from, etc., simply amazing.

Thats a rather remarkable situation I think. Is there some sort of big skeleton in his closet, that prevents him from divulging even basic biographical information about himself?

Just curious. 

Thanks for listening.




Judicial Conduct Committee rules I was untimely, but not that Judge Albee is innocent!

The Judicial Conduct Committee ruled in 2012 that I was untmely in my allegations against the dishonorable Judger Albee, but not that she is innocent.  To allow attorneys to withdraw without referrals, to allow law enforcement to threaten lawyers careers, to state during court, from her own mouth "dont go to the media" is an abomination.  But lo and behold she has friends at the FBI, and elsewhere, colleagues who are willing do anything to keep a nigger from telling her she is wrong!  And those black children don't mean anything to her obviously or she would have extended an olive branch to me and made this right.  Have I heard from her court or state saying that they have any remorse?  A big HELL NO......all of this is my opinion.


Former Boston FBI agent Jay Fallon called me twice, menacingly in 2006

Agent Fallon told me, on two separate days/occasions, in a manner that in my opinion was a warning for me not to seek corruption charges against Ex-Chief of Police John Pickering, that 1.  The Boston FBI was not going to help me 2.  That Pickering was not going to be arrested 3.  That I did not have enough money to sue Pickering 4. That I should record any further calls from Pickering (All verbatim). These contacts are in my opinion a sign of corruption.  A little more than a year later my son was in a coma in the hospital.  I begged the Boston FBI to act and these conversations lead me to contact the USDOJ Inspector General.  As I recall, Agent Marci DeFede from the Portsmouth, NH Office spoke to me in 2006/2007 when I called about my allegations and she responded with "you shouldn't expect the FBI to help you since you have contacted the Inspector Generals Office".  I feel compelled to bring this information to the public since an American citizen is made the target of rogue officers within the FBI.  There is no excuse for these types of statements by officers sworn to protect the citizens of this country.  I am willing to take a polygraph test to prove these conversations occured and swear that I am of sound mind.  I must stand to protect mine and my sons rights at this point........they can be tried in a Federal court for these types of actions.


Response to Rep. Vaillancourt Feb 24th Blog - What is Wrong with a Little Lie!

What is wrong with twisting the truth?  After all we were elected to cut the budget.  For some State Representatives it seems this is the reality.

 On February 24, Representative Steve Vaillancourt wrote on his blog in the “NH Insider” that a group in Hillsborough County successfully cut the Delegation Coordinator’s salary and hours reducing the county’s $88,000,000 appropriations by .0006 of the overall budget.  In the same article, Rep. Vaillancourt stated that similar efforts were made to cut the approximate $100,000 salary and benefits of the Rockingham County Delegation Coordinator but was unsuccessful.

So, Steve, and your unnamed friends, I would like to offer my opinion and a few facts.  I only know facts about Rockingham County, so I will speak about what I know and suggest next time you do the same.

The Rockingham County Delegation Coordinator doesn’t make approximately $100,000.  The actual salary is $36,800; and pro-rated benefits for a part-time employee.  This adds up to a total expense of $55,723 in salary, benefits, and employer obligations. 

Secondly, your twist that the Delegation Coordinator is only needed for just over 10 times a year is incorrect.  The truth is that the State Representatives who take their role seriously at the county realize that it is their obligation to know, understand, and to approve the county expenditures ($77,931,075 for Rockingham County and over $88,000,000 for Hillsborough County of taxpayer money).  They recognize that it is the Delegation Coordinator who keeps them up to date on all aspects of the county. They rely on the Delegation Coordinator to schedule meetings for the executive committee, subcommittees for 15 different major departmental budgets, as well as full delegation meetings, public hearings and meetings to set elected official’s salaries.  All bonding for the county requires special public hearings and votes that follow State RSA’s and require proper documentation by the banks and NH DRA.  All meetings are set-up and coordinated by, minutes written, reports distributed, and documented by the county coordinator.  This is just a small portion of the duties required.  Every Representative who comes to these meetings needs to be logged in so they can be paid for mileage and meetings.  She is responsible for running all aspects of the office, as well as being available by phone 24/7, 365 days (without complaint).  Budgets, hand books and meeting agendas need to printed, posted, mailed and delivered.  All of these need to be done within the requirements of the state RSA’s and within the NH Right to Know Laws.  Only lawmakers who don’t take their county obligations seriously wouldn’t know how much the delegation coordinator really does for them.  In Rockingham County, there are 89 State Representatives who can call on the coordinator to research any county issues and report back, set up a meeting, or follow-up on requests.

Lastly, Steve, cutting the coordinator’s work hours isn’t really a good place to start in cutting the county’s budget.   The county coordinator is the eyes and ears for the county delegation.  It is understandable that the county commissioners and the county finance officer may not want the State Representatives informed, but why would you and your unnamed friend not want to be informed?  It is the job of the coordinator to keep the State Representatives well-versed on county issues.  It is also the job of the State Representatives to be attentive to these situations, not just rubberstamp them and let the real costs go unreported or unquestioned.  Just one recent example:  Maybe the State Representatives should have asked more about the computer software program used to track employee hours.  This has added about $100,000 a year to the budget.  Was this was implemented without a proper public hearing?  Was a multi-year contract signed without proper approvals from Delegation?  Is there any real savings, or just more expense?  Obviously, more expense than what you’re trying to cut.

In 17 years, the Rockingham County Delegation Coordinator’s salary and work hours have both increased.  The salary is up about $18,500 over 17 years and work hours up about 50%.  In the same time frame, the commissioner’s pay is up over 350%; the county budget has increased from approximately $44,500,000 to over $77,900,000.  There was and still is only one Delegation Coordinator in Rockingham County, while almost every other department has grown in staffing.

In closing, 13 State Representatives, out of the 54 who showed up, voted against the budget In Rockingham County.  They offered only two suggestions in budget cuts for a total of .00038 of the overall budget.  They attempted to cut the Delegation Coordinator’s salary and the funding requested for the county fire grounds ($4000).  Only one of those 13 State Representatives who voted in the minority has come to the county more than twice a year, and gets his information from one commissioner and the finance officer and not the county coordinator.  That same State Representative believes that the finance officer who makes over $120,000 in salary and benefits doesn’t make enough money and last year proposed to add $120,000 to her budget.  Sounds a lot like the fox is guarding the hen house.  Maybe it is time for these State Representatives to take their commitment to the county tax payers a lot more seriously and do the job that they were elected to do.  Get involved and get all the facts and information.

Sincerely, Norman R. Hurley

Husband of the Rockingham County Delegation Coordinator