Letters to the Editor



We Need to Balance Our Budget Now

The national debt is currently over $15 trillion and is equal to 100% of our GDP.  As if our current financial crisis isn’t dire enough, President Obama is seeking an additional $1.2 trillion in deficit spending.  The fiscal insanity in Washington must be stopped now!

Career politicians have shown again and again that they are incapable of implementing sound fiscal policy. Unfortunately, a Balanced Budget Amendment is necessary to force Congress to do what it best for our country and what it is incapable of doing on its own.  The recent failure of the so-called “Super Committee” to reduce our deficit is a prime example of Congress’ inability to resolve this matter.  

Fortunately, Republican presidential candidates have been discussing the need for a balanced budget.  As the First-in-the-Nation fast approaches, we must demand that those who wish to serve as our President lay out concrete plans on how they will balance our budget.  It is easy for one to say he or she supports a balanced budget.  But without the details, those words are empty.


Kathryn Williamson


Real Change

The media would make this election a choice between Obama, the champion for the 99%; and, Romney, one of the greedy 1%. And, Romney's spending $10s of millions to defeat Gingrich will be evidence.

This country is in a desperate situation; but, you would’t know it listening to most politicians. The debate about the "payroll tax cut" is an example of how public attention is diverted from the real issues. Democrats claim that this tax cut is good for the economy; and, Republicans don't want to collapse the economy, so they let it pass. Instead of funding Social Security retirements for future years, this money is now consumed by current workers. The only debate is about how to pay for it.

Democrats would "tax the rich" instead of deducting payroll contributions; Republicans point out that the rich will move their money abroad. So, now, they want to tax home purchases; but, with this, there will be fewer homes purchased. Eventually, they will tax employers and there will be less profits, lower tax receipts, fewer employees. The real issue is that diverting funds in this way turns our insurance plan, dependent on our contributions, into a social welfare program, dependent on tax receipts. In effect, we no longer "own" our share of the Trust Fund; rather, we are now dependent on the politics of the Federal Budget process. 40% of this budget is borrowed from Social Security, public employee pension plans and other bond holders.We are in a vicious circle of spending, debt and bail-outs; but, big spending cuts may damage the economy as well.

So, politicians in both parties put off budget decisions. We haven't had effective leadership for a dozen years. Romney, Perry and Houseman will give us more of the same policies; and, Paul, Bachmann and Santorum will generate intense political resistance. Gingrich is only candidate who has freed enterprise with tax cuts, limited government by balancing the budget and fostered civic virtue through entitlement reform. Newt Gingrich has changed the dynamics of this election and he will change the policies and politics of governance.

Amanda McCarthy


Here is the Tax Plan to save the economy, AND Social Security 

Let's get the labels out of the way FIRST; It is a FLAT TAX!

Now on to the Details;

A Flat 18% income tax. No loopholes, deductions, carve outs, No ways for crooked politicians to craft new tax policy specifically for their donors. Only a generous personal exemption of $10,000 per taxpayer, and $5,000 per dependent. THAT'S IT! OH, and if you end up with zero tax liability, or less than $500.00, you MUST pay the MINIMUM tax of $500.00. EVERYONE must have skin in the game. Everyone benefits from society, therefore everyone must contribute.

For Businesses it is ALSO simple. a Flat 18% tax on net operating profits. 

Now to the numbers;

According to the IRS; there are 209,000,000 taxpayers earning $12.5 trillion dollars. There are also 62,000,000 dependents. This means that we will lose $2.1 trillion to personal exemptions, under my plan, leaving $10.4 trillion being taxed at 18%, bringing in $1,872,000,000,000.00. 

For Business;

According to the IRS there are $1.724 trillion in business profits. taxed at 18%, this brings an additional $310,320,000,000.00 for a total revenue of $2.183 trillion.

Now here is where it gets fun; 

TOTAL Federal revenue for 2010 was:

$2.2 Trillion. of which;
$1.1 trillion was income taxes

$900 billion was SS and Medicare/aid

$200 billion was business taxes.

NOTICE, that our income tax plan covers Social Security revenue as well. This is to protect those Social Security recipients collecting, or about to collect social security. For anyone 50 or under, They will have the option to "opt out" of social security. This means that the 12.4% of their pay will keep being paid, but to a retirement fund that THEY OWN AND CONTROL, NOT CONGRESS! Initially only broad based index fund, municipal bonds, and other "safe" investments will be allowed, but those restrictions will ease, as more people opt for that and the burden on the taxpayer eases.

The Flat tax on business, and the prohibition on Congress from screwing this up, will make the economy explode. Gone will be the trademark temporary band aids and uncertainty of the Obama administration. Gone will be the endless need to bribe crooked politicians for favors. Gone will be the need to spend, collectively $600 billion on tax preparation, planning, and avoidance.

The flat tax on individuals will mean the savings of $64 billion spent on income tax preparation, and avoidance. A Flood of new capital for investment, and the opening up of former tax shelters to productive use of capital, as the tax consequences have diminished, as well as the need to avoid future political footballs. Social Security will be funded for those who wish to remain in it, and for those who wish to increase their retirement funds, they will be able to do so.

My loony lefty friends, You may now proceed to attempt to poke holes in this.


NH FederalCrimes, starting to name names

Please visit my Youtube page to follow along on the collusion between New Hampshire and Connecticut agencies and state employees.  Please, sue me for defamation, like Madison, NH Selectment threatened many years ago........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=162OwrKQeX0


Obama is Robin Hood!

To the editor:

All throughout our childhood we learned the story of Robin Hood. Immortalized, and taught to us as the triumph of the poor over the rich. Robin is always pictured as a champion of the poor. But is that the truth?

The popular, and politically motivated, version of the story is that Robin Hood stole from the thieving rich to give to the downtrodden poor worker. Aww, does there exist a more potent symbol for the socialist utopia?

The truth is that Robin Hood was not a champion of the "poor", but of "property." Prince Obama ... oops, sorry, Richard (the government) was stealing through ever increasing taxation the fruits of the poor farmers' labor. The farmers (the private sector) who were receiving little direct benefit from this legalized theft, were actually supporting their oppressors, while being powerless to stop it.

Along came Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, to save the day. They stole back from the government (the Prince) that which he had stolen from the farmers, through excessive taxation, and returned it to its rightful owners.

If the story were acted out today, in its literal accomplishments, Robin would be an anti-tax collector of sorts, retrieving our purloined monies from the IRS to restore to those who had it appropriated from them, which in today's America would mean 69.94 percent to the top 10 percent of income earners, 16.4 percent to the next 15 percent of income earners, 11 percent to the next 25 percent of income earners with the bottom 50 percent of income earners getting the 2.7 percent left — as that is today's income tax distribution.

We now live in a time where the ruling party in Washington has governed for 953 days without the legally required budget. Hence, with no spending plans or restraints upon them they have increased spending dramatically. But even they, as corrupt and self-centered as they are, could not approve Obama's budget proposal which further increased spending by $9.7 trillion.

The future success of our nation directly correlates to our perception of stories like this. The more people see it as stealing from the thieving rich to give to the poor workers, the further we slouch towards socialism. The more people see it for what it is — the workers' right to own the fruits of their labors, the freer our nation will become.