Letters to the Editor



Madison PD and Meriden CT PD colluded with Judge Albee, supplemental files denied

..and the files reside in the hands of Lt. Cossette.  And that last name, where brothers and sons and moms hold high position at the department, are named in FBI investigations for corruption currently.  I am not surprised that 3+ year old files of a case that remains open, and the files remain in someones hands and not mine.  The Insurance Investigator has seen my evidence and has now received this evidence.  The States Attorney has agreed to "review" the case, and I am not sure what that means.  What I do know is that Connecticut and New Hampshire have engaged in efforts, through DCF and DCYF collusion and law enforcement collusion to thwart my efforts to regain our rights.  New England, no longer a safe haven for slaves, or former slaves and their kin.  Kelly Ayotte, did you instruct your DOJ to squash my efforts?  Did you instruct law enforcement to squash my efforts.  As a child wound up in a coma by an opiate addicted mother your state fed methadone.  Connecticut now quenches her thirst.  And law enforcement helps her skirt the law, probably because she was a gorgeous prostitute........who may have had relations with White Mountain Officers.  I have watched them ride off down the road you know.......


The Time for Family Court Reform is NOW


Here is just one story in New Hampshire of the abuse and corruption in New Hampshire's Family Courts.  The State House of Representatives Redress of Grievances Committee is quite busy this year!

Wake up New Hampshire!!! Why are the courts putting money before children??????





K of C State Deputy Don McBride

Washington State Council
CC: Others
Dear State Deputy McBride,
A story in LifeSiteNews.com  yesterday, informs us that "A bill (SB 6239) to legalize same-sex “marriage” has passed the Washington state Senate, paving the way for passage in the House of Representatives as early as next week."
It is very disappointing that your website http://www.kofc-wa.org/
makes NO mention of this.
You need to update it now, and issue an "E-MAIL ACTION ALERT" to your K of C members to contact their politicians in the House to stop this bill.
You should personally contact any K of C members in the House and demand that they OPPOSE the bill. If they refuse, they must be suspended by you.
Gay Marriage was passed in New York on 24/Jun/2011 because of the decisive votes of K of C State Senators Joe Addabbo and David Carlucci. Let's NOT have a repeat of this tragedy. God bless you.
John O'Gorman



HB 1450 County Attorney

Tuesday January 31, 2012 at 1:30 PM at the Legislative Office Building, Room 208, there will be a hearing on House Bill 1450.

HB 1450 deals with modifying RSA 7:33.  Presently RSA 7:33 states to be a county attorney, you must be a member of the New Hampshire Bar.  The purpose of HB 1450 is to give every citizen of New Hampshire the opportunity to serve as county attorney, a citizen’s right to seek any public office.  At present, unless you are a member of the Bar you can not be elected to the office of county attorney, unconstitutional, Absurd.  There are many violations of our Constitution regarding the present RSA 7:33, one it creates a monopoly Article 83, emolument of a class of men(persons) Article 10.

A bit of Bar history.  New Hampshire Bar along with other state Bar associations are subsidiaries of the American Bar Association ABA, the ABA is part of the Lawyers Guild of New Britain, which is control by London.  Referred to the Crown, not Monarch.    According to Black’s Law Dictionary (6th.ed.) “These are certain private unincorporated associations, in the nature of collegiate houses“.
Blackstone is referring to Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn, the origin of the Bar  Therefore the Bar is an alien, foreign entity controlling your county attorney.   Also I may add the Bar is a closed union shop, members pay dues.  If you like change, let your sentiments be known.  I given you the tools to do your own search for the history of Bar.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my Representative Edmond Gionet, for his hard work and diligence to bring HB 1449, Search and Seizure and HB 1450, county attorney (Bar) to reality.  We as Freedom loving citizens owe Representative Gionet an abundance of gratitude for his hard work.

I have pursued HB’s 1449 and 1450 to bring us back to a Republic form of government, not public policy.  Representative Gionet and I have done our part, now it’s up to you. 


Kelly Ayotte could be indicted for these crimes.....

Did she delete those emails as an act of Obsttruction of Justice?  This is real.