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Smart Meter Information

Feb. 28, 2012

Greetings;  The smart meter is being force onto us, we should be informed.  We can file notification to remove implied consent.  The video will give a short explanation.  I can’t give legal advice, I not.   I do urge people  to educate themselves in signing ‘Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 or All Rights Reserved without Prejudice’  On most bills for service you will find ‘All Rights Reserved’, You think this is done to waste ink?


http://www.freedomadvocates.org/video/watch/129_technocracy_sustainable_development_and_the_smart_grid/ In Freedom




News from Alex Jones-Prison Planet.  


Did Judge Albee cover up a drug bust, get the charges dismissed and the perp reoffends?

The more I dig the more dirt I come up with.  I was not informed of this drug bust where my children lived, denied a chance to show up and claim my sons from neglect and abuse.  And the parents and gaurdians faced no prosecution at all!  If Albee did indeed facilitate such acts, along the lines of what she was already willing to do in New Hampshire, then she deserves to sit in prison.  Obviousely, New Hampshire government is out of control allowing these type of crimes to continue.....


Committee to Draft Jeanne Shaheen For President Formed at Americans Elect




I thought you might be interested to know that Americans Elect has begun its process of drafting potential presidential candidates. I have started a committee to draft Jeanne Shaheen.


Pallares Patricia


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Madison PD and Meriden CT PD colluded with Judge Albee, supplemental files denied

..and the files reside in the hands of Lt. Cossette.  And that last name, where brothers and sons and moms hold high position at the department, are named in FBI investigations for corruption currently.  I am not surprised that 3+ year old files of a case that remains open, and the files remain in someones hands and not mine.  The Insurance Investigator has seen my evidence and has now received this evidence.  The States Attorney has agreed to "review" the case, and I am not sure what that means.  What I do know is that Connecticut and New Hampshire have engaged in efforts, through DCF and DCYF collusion and law enforcement collusion to thwart my efforts to regain our rights.  New England, no longer a safe haven for slaves, or former slaves and their kin.  Kelly Ayotte, did you instruct your DOJ to squash my efforts?  Did you instruct law enforcement to squash my efforts.  As a child wound up in a coma by an opiate addicted mother your state fed methadone.  Connecticut now quenches her thirst.  And law enforcement helps her skirt the law, probably because she was a gorgeous prostitute........who may have had relations with White Mountain Officers.  I have watched them ride off down the road you know.......