Letters to the Editor



Darryl W. Perry - Blood on Maggie Hassan's hands 

Maggie Hassan has blood on her hands. You might not see it at first, but it's there. Look closely, you'll see it.

On July 23, 2013, New Hampshire became the 19th state to legalize medicinal usage of cannabis. The original version of the therapeutic cannabis bill would have allowed qualifying patients to grow their own medicine if certain criteria were met. However, Maggie threatened to veto the legislation if this provision wasn't removed, despite the fact that she voted FOR a similar provision in 2009. This is a freedom enjoyed by therapeutic cannabis patients in Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and a dozen other states. Now, over one year later, qualifying patients are still not able to legally obtain the medicine they need. The process is so arduous that it may be another 18 months before therapeutic cannabis patients in the Granite State will be able to legally obtain their medicine from one of four alternative treatment centers.

Clayton Holton was one of the therapeutic cannabis patients who has been working for years to convince those in the NH government to allow him the freedom to obtain and use his medicine without threats of violence. Unfortunately, Clayton has become another victim of the drug war, and his blood is on Maggie's hands!

Clayton suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder characterized by degeneration of muscle tissue. In May of last year, when the therapeutic cannabis legislation was working it's way through the NH Legislature, Clayton wrote "[The removal of the home grow provision] means patients will continue to suffer without legal access to marijuana. Frankly, I do not expect to live another two years, so for me, this may as well be a death sentence."

Clayton passed away earlier this week because of the "death sentence" handed down to him by Maggie Hassan. Matt Simon, Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, sent out an alert on Wednesday, reading, "It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Clayton Holton, the courageous young activist who had been asking New Hampshire to pass a medical marijuana law since 2007...

Clayton earned national recognition in 2007 when he confronted then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a campaign appearance. The resulting video was shared widely, and it resulted in countless viewers becoming educated about the issue."

Simon added, "Sadly, Clayton never got to realize his dream of seeing New Hampshire patients receive protection from arrest. In 2013, after meeting with Clayton and other patients, Governor Hassan told the Senate she would veto the medical marijuana bill if it provided Clayton and other patients with the immediate legal protections and home cultivation provision they were asking for."

Some may accuse me of politicizing Clayton's death, to them I say nothing could be further from the truth. Maggie decided to take a position that she found politically expedient, and the result cost this man his life. Maggie made this a political issue when she told Clayton that he doesn't have a right to grow his own medicine, I'm simply pointing out the blood on her hands.

Darryl W. Perry


Orion Karl Daley - Amendment to out source all government jobs !

Dear NH Insider: 

Let simply amend the constitution - I think it is best to out source all government officials - we can insist that they do , and only do their prescribed jobs as government administrators, and not waste tax payer money on divides in the house, or otherwise, and if not doing their job we can quickly replace them with a simple clause - "you are on probation - that is always" 

When they say - 'I hear you" well in this case we can be more assured that they do ! 

They really do not even have to speak our language as most politicians don't anyways.  

They simply just have to follow the Constitution , which should not be that hard . . . .although it seems our politicians today all have their own convenient interpretations. .  

We can pay them below or at minimum wage, and allow them rudimentary living facilities. After all this is what H1-B's are accustomed to in taking America's jobs from US Citizens already.. 

As many American's are jobless by outsourcing, if its supposed to be good for business, well it should be for government too ! 

And since government is supposed to be for the people, well it should be a cost savings at worst. And at best, we might even get something for the taxes paid.  

Sincerely Yours, 

Orion Karl Daley


Save the date, September 2016


The New Hampshire political establishment seems to have woken up and discovered that the fine folks over at the Free State Project were actually *serious* about their plans to get 20,000 liberty loving people to move to New Hampshire. This month, the FSP confirmed that they're at 80% of their goal and projects that they will meet their goal in September 2016 thus "triggering the move."

What does this mean for New Hampshire? If you were to read Fergus Cullen's recent op-ed at the Union Leader, you'd come to the conclusion that the Free State Project presents a clear and present danger to the future of New Hampshire on a par with, oh I don't know, fluoridation of the water supply (gasp!) or the heartbreak of psoriasis (shudder!). Well, regardless of the real or imagined impact of the FSP on Mr. Cullen's well being, one thing is looking more and more certain: the Free Staters are coming.  

Chip Marce




And They Say Everyone Else is Racist!

Received via email.. Kind of sums things up!


Earl Rinker Endorses Jim Rubens For US Senate

There are three prominent Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for either of the two candidates who have recently come here from another state. My old friend, Bob Smith, is a nice guy, and did an admirable job when he was in the Senate, but that was long ago. He's been living in Florida for years and has done some strange things over the years (like supporting John Kerry for President). Why would we vote for someone who hasn't lived in New Hampshire for years and who keeps wandering off the reservation.

Then there's Scott Brown, another carpetbagger, from all places, Massachusetts. He may have a home in Rye, but he's been living in Massachusetts until very recently. Yes, he has also been a U.S. Senator for a brief time from Massachusetts, and his record shows that he has voted with the Democrats almost as often as he has voted with Republicans. Some say he's the only candidate with a chance of beating the incumbent. I say hogwash.

My candidate is Jim Rubens, who now has the backing of three super PACS. He has a record anyone can look at as a former N.H. Senator. He was named the Union Leader's Citizen of the Year! He is the one person responsible for getting charter schools started in the Granite State, a great boon to less advantaged kids, who have trouble making it in the regular school system. Unlike Senator Jean Shaheen, the incumbent, who has been a rubber stamp for all things Democrat, including Obamacare, Jim is not a career politician, and has even promised to serve only two Senate terms, if he should get elected and reelected. Jim has lived in New Hampshire for 40 years, has raised a family here, and has run ten different (small) businesses here.

Jim Rubens is a leader and will bring that leadership to Washington. I am extremely proud to endorse Jim for U.S. Senate, the only true Granite Stater in this race!

Earl A. Rinker III
Former Executive Councilor
Manchester, NH