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The President and Founder of The Mortgage Specialist tells his story of Corruption with Major Law firms , NH courts and the NH Banking Department






If you need help or are looking for more information, please visit "http://centerforredress.com/ "The Center for Redress of Grievances LLC is "The Private Sector doing what the Public Sector won't do"



Our health, freedoms are under attack.  My intent is to educate the citizenry, regardless of political affiliation, nobody can or will escape unless the political landscape is turned around.  The  concerns are centered around radiated GMO foods, chemicals in our food, drugs (vaccines), Chemtrails, Digital/Smart meters, Fluoride and chlorine in our water, The list goes on, on, and on.  What’s the goal behind these agendas?  Genocide?  How about Plank One and Three of the Manifesto.  When the diseases and illnesses kick in, you and your equitable interest of  property will be separated, gone, therefore no inheritance.  Your equity will be wiped out.  Oh yes, you will still have the Right to Inheritance, what are you going to leave, medical bills?  The videos will take over three hours, be patient at the start of Dr. Perlingieri lecture.   Guarantee you will like Dr. Tent, our type of guy.  Tells it like is.  If the agenda of slowly poisoning society continues, nobody will escape, that includes, YOU.




Snowden not a traitor he did not do it for money- most do

To Editor:

I read: "If anyone were to violate the law by leaking classified information outside the legal avenues, certainly that individual should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives, said on CBS's "This Morning."

He was talking about Ed Snowden, of the Washington Post and Britain's Guardian newspapers alleged to have leaked information because he believed the United States had built a vast and secret espionage machine to spy on Americans.

As a Republican and former Marine Officer who was required to disobey an unlawful order, I am saddened by Mr. Cantor’s statement. Mr. Snowden is upholding the Constitution of the United States, the 4th Amendment, in trying to protect every U. S. citizen from- unreasonable search and seizure, and no warrants shall be issued, but upon probable cause….particularly describing, the place, persons and things to be seized.

The U.S. Congress Intelligence Oversight Committee made an oath to uphold the Constitution and they have failed, not Mr. Snowden. Mr. Snowden recognized an illegal “order” to remain quiet about- an act of spying on no particular persons without particular terrorist connections for warrants and a very unreasonable fishing expedition.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost


U.S. mayors gang up on Sen Ayotte but have nothing to brag about with their anti gun policies

With tough gun laws where honest citizens were not allowed to protect themselves

Boston’s Mayor Manino                                     

2012 had 51 murders caused by illegal guns

2011 had 63 murders caused by illegal guns

2010 had 72 murders caused by illegal guns

2009 had 50 murders caused by illegal guns

2008 had 63 murders caused by illegal guns

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg

2012 had 414 murders caused by illegal guns

2011 had 515 murders caused by illegal guns

2010 had 536 murders caused by illegal guns

2009 had 523 murders caused by illegal guns

2008 had 496 murders caused by illegal guns

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Toughest gun laws in the nation.

2012 had 532 murders caused by illegal guns

2011 had 433 murders caused by illegal guns

2010 had 436 murders caused by illegal guns

2009 had 459 murders caused by illegal guns

2008 had 513 murders caused by illegal guns

By contrast, the entire state of New Hampshire experienced an average of 13 murders per year for the past 5 years. This is a state where people are allowed to protect themselves.

Jerry Thibodeau



The effect of EMF Electro Magnetic Fields/ RF-MV Radio Frequencies-Micro Waves 

The first two links are relate to the title, the third isn’t.  One has to think if some sudden deaths of people taking antidepressants are caused by EMF’s?? 




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