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Peter Macdonald - Government wrongs against US Military Veterans 

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Yesterday I wrote a letter and asked Chris Sununu to give a copy to the NH Governor.  I also sent it to every newspaper.  The subject of the Town of Lee NH discriminating against homeless US Military Veterans because the elite that live here do not want them in their town.  No game: my wife and I spent our life savings to buy 11.5 acres of woods abutting Wheelwright pond and deeded it over to the Veteran Resort-Chapel non-profit.  The only goal of this non-profit is to help homeless US Military Veterans come home mentally as well as physically if at all in a rent free single person cabin of their own.  The neighbor and Lee Planning Board member of Crawford Electrical and Builder (Kevin Crawford) does not want this across the street from his home and the neighbors have expressed the same.  This person wrote a letter to the Lee selectmen of incorrect facts asking for damaging harmful, threats and to have an art exhibit on the other side of Lee to be removed.  This citizen even documents how he and town official used government power to cause financial harm to stop this project.   The Lee building inspector writes a letter to the selectmen of his own idea to get the art exhibit removed maybe it can happen by using the building cabins on Stepping Stone Rd as leverage.  The Lee building inspector promises me a building permit if I do certain expensive unnecessary items.  Then when I go to get the permit he says I need site review (LSR).  To get a permit for a single person tiny house 16’x24’with a private chapel in the basement and two meditation shacks 8’x16’ no one else would be required.  LSR has me come to an informal meeting in March 2013 and tells me do certain things and they need legal opinion and sets April 10 2013 for the formal meeting.  On April 10 this meeting is delayed until April 24 to give the attorney more time.  April 24 formal meeting after a 42 private meeting with the attorney they come back and declare the meeting is informal now and a new one will be secluded after I get certain things done.  I went to a selectmen’s meeting, explained the wrongs and they refused to even do a thing that might allow homeless veterans a place to live in Lee NH.

            Everyone says that they want to help homeless US Military Veterans but no one will lift a finger.  It is my fault for I have never let a wrong be invoked against another citizen that asked me for help.  No matter what the cost to my character or wallet I have given but helping homeless US Military Veterans is my dream in life.  These men and women gave their future as children to fight and defend our nation the United States of America.  I ask Chris Sununu and NH governor to step forward and ask the public to ask why. 

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi


First Letter from Mr Macdonald received earlier this past weekend. /bobdm

Veteran Resort Chapel asks public help!

Lee Planning Board

(Site Review Committee)

Mr. Chairman

            My application on the property located at Lee Tax Map # 12 Lot 3-3 is known as the Veteran Resort-Chapel (VRC).  We applied for a 16’-24’- weather tight shell and two 8’x16’ Sheds and have been in front of the Lee Site Review committee twice so far and you have delayed and miss represented your goals so far, for they have been to with the help of an attorney find ways to delay our building in Lee NH. 

            The VRC owns 101 Stepping Stone road, which is a registered NH non-profit for the benefit of homeless US Military Veterans.  To build a one bedroom 16’x24’ single person tiny home with a full basement has never required such treatment to any other Lee citizen.  There are 11.5 acres of VRC property to build on.  The VRC is trying to enjoy Life, Liberty and Property and your delays and out right illegal acts to require such tests and other demanded wasteful time consuming requests is of like actions of Nazi Germany.  Any other person would be allowed to build and have friends and relatives visit with no government interference.   At the informal March meeting, which was SRC motion to reset to a formal meeting on April 10 2013 after legal opinion was obtained. This April 10 meeting to allow the board to get legal opinion asked for at the March meeting was delay to April 24.  The April 24 formal meeting after a 42-minute consolation with the town attorney in a private room from the citizens you came back and declared this an informal meeting off the record.  I have asked for and demand a copy of all communication between the SRC and the attorney where attorney client privilege is not reasonable here and by law the entire conversation must be public record.  Right to know law.

            The VRC owns the property and by guaranteed Constitutional rights has the right to quiet enjoyment of said property.  The building is a home with a home chapel in the basement.  It is not a public place but a place for the single homeless US Military Veteran using the meditation shack one each to come and pray or talk to God in their own way.   The discrimination and hurtful acts perpetrated on the VRC by the town of Lee NH to this point are uncalled for and down right in defiance of our US Constitution and NH Constitution.  The main theme of the Lee government officials and the neighbors on Stepping Stone road is you do not want “these type people in your town”.  This phrase has been used many times in my presence as you all have asked me how I was going to “Keep these type people out of your town”.  Other citizens have been discussed as they have said after hearing your contemptible words.   I have to ask what type of citizens are you, to reject the very children that gave their future to protect and defend this great nation the United States of America so that you so called out-standing citizens can enjoy freedom.  The hardest part is to accept that the good citizens of this great nation are kept ignorant by the newspapers refusing to inform the public of the Lee government’s distasteful, criminal actions to keep the US Military Veteran that is homeless out of your elite town.   I am sending this letter to the newspapers and CC to Governor Hassen and Mr Sununu

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper FI 



Gloria Andrews - Accept Federal Money To Expand Medicaid

Many have experienced the fear that comes with not having health insurance. Others are covered, but have seen their premiums rise exponentially. New Hampshire has an important opportunity that will address both of these problems: accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid.

Medicaid currently only covers low-income children, people with disabilities, and some parents. This leaves others to fall through the cracks without health coverage they can afford. Expansion would help solve this problem by covering more than 22,000 Granite Staters who would otherwise be uninsured.

A smaller uninsured population would also be good for businesses and consumers who pay for private insurance. Family plans cost around $1000 extra to make up for uninsured people who get care they can’t pay for.

In Concord, the House has already shown their support for the new coverage option. Now we need to ensure the Senate does the same. My Senator, John Reagan, has not yet announced his support for this commonsense solution.

I encourage Senator Reagan’s constituents to contact him at john.reagan111@gmail.com or 603-463-3009 and ask that he do the right thing: accept federal funds and expand Medicaid. Reagan represents Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Loudon, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Raymond, and Strafford.

Gloria Andrews

Chichester, NH


Peter Macdonald - homeless veterans not welcome 

News never printed-death to homeless veterans

            In writing the town is using the protest art work at 465 Packers falls Rd in Lee NH (to be removed at town expense) for permission to let the Veteran Resort-Chapel (VRC) at 101 Stepping Stone Rd to be built.  A conspiracy to use the lives of US Military Veterans living in the cold to force a resident on the other side of town to remove artwork the town selectmen and planning board do not like.  The hard part to believe is the newspapers refuse to inform their readers of this criminal and atrocious act.  The next meeting with the town board is on April 24, at 7PM in the Lee Fire Station.   The newspapers are welcome to copies of the letter from the Lee Planning board member Kevin Crawford a neighbor to the VRC.  Kevin used his position and trusted government power to run up the expenses of the VRC by having the driveway placed in the wrong spot then moved.  He also is a part of the conspiracy to get the artwork on Packers falls rd removed. Kevin has an electrical and development business that appears uses government power to keep homeless and disabled US Military Veterans from his neighborhood.  Can this be the truth or do I see the truth wrong? 

            A letter from the local building inspector clearly talks about the conspiracy and asks the selectmen for permission to move forward on it.  So far the Lee government has publicly stated they are all for helping US Military Veterans but has continued using the trusted power of the people to run up the VRC expenses to delay and cause attritions to stop homeless US Military Veterans from coming to Lee NH or finding shelter in Lee NH. 

            I have it in writing and the newspapers still refuse to print it.  I did agree that the lives of homeless US Military Veterans is worth my pride to let the artwork be removed.  It is ashamed that the Town of Lee New Hampshire thinks so little of the US Military Veterans in this great nation. 

            Letters to the editor was started boy our founding fathers to allow the average citizen to inform the public of just such atrocities’

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi


Public Citizen - Inside Citizens United and New Hampshire  

Dear NH Insider,

                Recently, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed HC2 by a 189-139 vote; this resolution calls on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission decision.  This decision has allowed for unlimited spending by corporations on political campaigns.  The resolution now moves to the senate, where if passed it would send a strong message to Congress that Democracy is built by people—not corporations.  Our press release can be seen here: Encouraging News: New Hampshire Moves Closer to Calling for a Constitutional Amendment to Return Elections to the People.    

                Since the Citizens United decision, spending by outside groups and corporations has risen sharply.  Outside spending on congressional races in New Hampshire’s 2nd District has skyrocketed since 2006, from almost$2.5 million to over $5 million.  Loopholes in New Hampshire law allow for owners of multiple corporations to make donations of up to $7,000 on behalf of each corporation.  In 2010, one gubernatorial candidate received more than $20,000 from a single person on behalf of 18 different corporations.  To raise awareness of such issues, Public Citizen’s own Jonah Minkoff-Zern will be leading a speaking tour through the heartland of New Hampshire:  Democracy in Motion Tour - New Hampshire.  Strong support has already found standing ground in New Hampshire as this week Conway passed a resolution 704 to 520, calling on Congress to overturn Citizens United

Increased awareness on this issue would go a long way towards helping our democracy.    If your blog was to post a story or feature about the resolution and speaking tour, it would help spread important discourse about these issues.  Such discourse is essential to our democracy’s health.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or at 202-588-7708. 

Thank you for your time,

Public Citizen


Peter Macdonald - Homeless US Military Veterans and the Veteran Resort-Chapel

Veteran Resort-Chapel  -   VRC

         Bill to the Town of Lee for Legal Department of (VRC) for Religious land use and institutionalized persons act due to uncalled for delays and expensive in discrimination and rejection of cabins in the woods on eleven-acres at 101 Stepping Stone rd Lee NH as is allowed by zoning in the Town of Lee NH and as has been so allowed as on RT #125 being completed this very year.

1 septic design required by the building inspector before allowing tree cutting on property even though he was informed Compost Toilets were and are going to be the sole use on this property as it is the Religious belief of the VRC.


2.  On March 22, 2013 the building permit was denied even though all requirements were met under the law RLUIPA and court decisions

3.  The Planning Board on March 27, 2013 did not issue the permit but delayed until April 10,2013 requiring that the drive way line on the septic design be extended two inches at a cost of 1000.00 to serve no purpose except to enlarge the bill to discriminate against the VRC 

4.  Discrimination in the form the law, constitution and the US Supreme Court clearly allows others to do this very act but the VRC is delayed and denied.  The VRC legal department charges $10,000.00 for services as the Town of Lee NH has been so informed on March 28, 2013 With the VRC commandments and the application for a building permit. From March 28, 2013 to the next Planning Board Meeting April 10,2013 is at a cost of 10,000.00 pre-day $2000,000.00 for this is the VRC’s religious belief and conviction and under the court rulings they and no government power has the right to question this. 


5.  The total of the bill so far is

      $1700.00 un-needed septic design

       $1000.00 to have lines extended on un-needed septic design

        $200,000.00 for legal department costs, as VRC religious belief requires.    

Total $202,700.00

Discrimination and abuse of government power is Illegal in the USA and for a town government in New Hampshire to use manipulation and abuse of power to demonstrate Totalitarianism to stop or delay homes for homeless US Military Veterans can never be tolerated.  The $10,000.00 per-day legal bill runs until the bill is paid, as that is our religious belief and conviction. 

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Minister and president of the VRC