Letters to the Editor



Jeff Frost - Insurance Department of NH - your letter you sent in response to my complaint dated 19 Nov. 2013

Dear Catherine,

            To be more specific in my complaint as to the local insurance company and producer, etc.. that you seem to require, I state the following as additional personal and state wide problems to my purchasing of individual insurance for me and my family:

First: I can not access the web site required to purchase healthcare as advertised by the selling authority for our only insurance exchange provider in the state, Anthem, selling their product under the new bait and switch and fixing and trade practices sold and manipulated and undisclosed by the Executive Branch on behalf of Anthem (and any other complicit insurer that would remain silent) and with substantial financial rewards to Anthem holding this monopolistic position.

Second: the selling authority, the Executive Branch, provided monopolistic predatory practices that hindered competition, services, and doctors by other providers and “forced” a single provider monopoly for Anthem, continues to belittle other insurance plans (against the CPA laws), and illegally “price fixed” competitors out of the business of providing lower cost plans previously supplied and demanded by me and my family which could be accessed or bought before- the new plans are some thousands of dollars more than before.

Anthem is not less expensive as advertised by the Executive Branch for exchange providers. This "fixing" of prices and services among providers was discovered, post sale, in the contract of the law known as the Affordable Care Act, a misnomer and deceptive sales slogan if their ever was one. These undisclosed price increase differences by Anthem can only be explained by duplicity in knowledge and knowing acceptance in the deceit to sell their future product at a price and service not as advertised.

From the Consumer Protection Act:

“Subsequent disclosures in the store (web site on the healthcare.gov), on the product label (new health plans by the now legalized monopoly insurance corporation -Anthem), or written contract (ACA law via Supreme Court) do not void deceptive claims in ads. (When selling it.)

NH insurance provider Anthem has the sole, and is the only "monopoly",  insurer in the state of NH on the exchange, is not providing stated twenty five hundred dollar saving annually as advertised pre- ACA “Obama Care” promotions to sell Anthem's or any insurer's future contracts. My family will experience price increases in the thousands of dollars above the stated savings, if and only if I can access the provider web site at some future date. My previous research last year from brokers provided no indication that contracts were going to change services, providers or pricing and I was told time and again that they would not- in advertisements on behalf of insures by the Executive Branch and Barry Obama.  No insurer denied those claims!

I hope this is succinct enough to look into the practices to get from where we were a year or so ago to where we are today with regard to what was stated and what is available from Anthem today and not available from competitors because of predatory prices and services and fixing practices deceptively sold, and it appears, deceptively conspired against the NH consumer to force future sale of contracts of health insurance not remotely similar, or promised, in advertisements by any individual, branch, or insurer complicit or silent in the sale of these future contracts. Anthem remains silent today as to how they could not pre-disclose the actual pricing and services required under the ACA law sales pitch when it was sold and advertised on their behalf to indicate something completely different than the actual contracts available after the sale- a violation of the CPA law.


Jeffrey S. Frost, 

Manchester, NH


Jeff Frost - Choice for woman, not men under ObamaCare?

With regard to the Associated Press headline of- Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion law.

How ironic that pro-choice, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is against any law blocking women from getting, “a safe and legal medical procedure that has been their constitutionally protected right for 40 years.” Also saying, “This is outrageous and unacceptable… demonstrates why we need stronger federal protections for women's health. Your rights and your ability to make your own medical decisions should not depend on your ZIP code”

I agree, the government should not make your medical decisions for you but Obama Care does. The freedom to protect your health and life from medical harm should never, in anyway, be taken away by government. Obama Care restricts decisions we previously had the freedom to do and forces us into his plans, doctors, pricing, and we NH citizens, have lost hospitals in our “Zip Code”.

New Hampshire has three federal, and one governor, Democrat women elected to government supporting Obama Care, ask them why only women should have the right to choose their medical care while men must be restricted by Obama Care with regard to their personal life saving decisions.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost
Manchester, NH 03104


Tim Carter - Say Hello to the New Hampshire INCOME and SALES TAX

Governor Maggie Hassan has called a special session of the New Hampshire (NH) legislature to lay the foundation for an income tax. It may balloon into an income tax, a sales tax and increased property taxes.

NH House representatives and Senators have been busy in Concord the past few weeks working away at expanding Medicaid. They're poised to vote on this days from now - Thursday, November 21.

The Federal government is going to pay all the costs for the first three years with fake money they get to print. After three years, New Hampshire residents have to start to pay ten percent of the cost with real money. NH residents will be on the hook for tens, possibly hundreds, of millions of dollars of expense for this Medicaid each year. 

Do you trust the Federal government after they told you you could keep your health plan and your doctor? Do you think the Feds might say in three years, "Well, we didn't really tell you the truth. We can't pay 90%. We can only pay 50%. Sorry."

If you want less money to pay your bills or gather as savings in your bank account in the future, then sit back and do nothing. I'm serious. Just sit on your couch and watch TV.

If you want to stop a future income and sales tax in New Hampshire, call Governor Hassan, all the NH state senators and your NH House reps. You have just HOURS to do this because they vote on Thursday. Tell them:

  • Do NOT expand Medicaid
  • Table this legislation
  • Wait until the Obamacare Train Wreck is cleaned from the tracks

Don't forget to tell Maggie she'll be a one-term Governor if she signs a Medicaid expansion bill. Period.

Tim Carter

Meredith, NH


Tim Carter - Regional Planning Commissions Supercede Local Zoning Decisions!

Dear Editor:

What follows is a true New Hampshire story. It’s relevant if you live up north in Pittsburg, down south in Hollis, west in Claremont or east in Rye.

Last night the Selectmen of Loudon, NH asked me to come to one of their regular meetings. I don’t live in Loudon.

Months ago I authored a pamphlet titled Granite State Future - The Real Facts. It was given to the Loudon Selectmen a month ago and they wanted to know more about the topic. You can read the pamphlet here: http://go.timcarter.com/GSF.

I walked into the meeting room and just three men were sitting at a standard folding cafeteria table passing letters to one another and then depositing them into a large plastic bin. It was a bureaucratic conveyor belt.

No one else was there, even though there were 40 soft chairs to sit in. No one. Not one Loudon citizen was in the room watching decisions being made. Not one citizen was there participating. Are you one of these people in your town?

After fifteen minutes, Mr. Krieger cordially asked me to approach the folding table and introduce myself for the record. They asked me to tell them about the Granite State Future. I did.

“Are you telling me you’ve not been contacted by Michael Tardiff, the executive director of the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission about the Granite State Future,” I said.

“No we haven’t. We have NO CLUE what the Granite State Future is about.”

“Well, for starters you should go to GraniteStateFutures.org,” I suggested.

Wow. I almost fell over I was so shocked. I shouldn’t have been, because this is the same thing I’m encountering all over the state. Selectmen in countless NH towns have not heard about the Granite State Future, even though it’s been in motion since February, 2012.

On that dark day the nine NH regional planning commissions signed a legally binding contract with the Federal government mandating NH zoning and planning mirror what the Federal government wants, not what you or your Selectmen want.

Why didn’t Mr. Tardiff come to Loudon months ago before I showed up last night? That’s easy. The nine NH regional planning commissions don’t want you or your Selectmen to know what’s going on. They don’t want you to know they control every aspect of your life here in NH. They don’t want to remind any elected officials that they, the RPCs, are filled with unelected bureaucrats making critical decisions about every aspect of your life. It’s time for you to wake up.

Tim Carter

Meredith, NH


Jeff Frost - Consumer Protection Act (NH and FTC) revised 

Dear Attorney General: I have filed (Nov. 4th) a serious complaint concerning fraudulent advertising practices for the sale of health insurance of which bait and switch, pricing more expensive compared to the stated promise of savings on the same services, promises of a contract not fulfilled as advertised, and a demeaning of the competition- all to sell the contracts which were deceitfully misrepresented to myself and, it appears as of now, another 22,000 NH citizens. For instance Barry Obama and a number of other individuals within his influence who sold these plans publicly conducted a fraud based on the guidelines of the CPA stated on your web page which-  says even if the contract is legal:   

“Subsequent disclosures in the store (web site), on the product label (new health plans), or written contract (ACA law via Supreme Court) do not void deceptive claims in ads. (When selling it.)

The statements and claims made to us here in NH were deceptive sales tactics.

As the legal representative and enforcer of NH laws, and considering the ACA is officially a legal law but the sale of it was deceptive to NH citizens, and state rights and laws have power to protect state citizens when not otherwise restricted by the constitution, and the FTC laws for consumer protections are in effect as well as our own CPA law,- what will your office do to bring to justice those who perpetrated this massive fraud against NH citizens. I understand that there is a "sovereign immunity" protection provided for those class of people working within the government but only to the extent they did not violate the laws of the land, and the Consumer Protection Act is law. We now realize, in fact, that the monopoly of the Anthem Blue Cross insurance provider and the undisclosed government restrictions, pricing, plans, and services- are not as advertised by those who sold this Obama Care (ACA) to us here in NH.

Please let me know where my complaint is in the process of your office's consideration.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost