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CD-1 2014 Candidates

Hello Folks,

Just stumbled upon your website and Iam in heaven!! ,,,,being the political junkie that Iam. Was wondering if you had any insight into potential Republican candidates for the CD1 republican primary in 2 years?

Greg Brown


Presidential Election: Why I'm voting for "NOTA"

Due partially to New Hampshire's strict and unfair ballot access laws for minor parties, there are no solid pro-liberty candidates on the ballot. Voters will be given the option of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson or writing in a candidate. Since there is no declaration of intent for write-in candidate's to file stating they wish for their votes to be tallied, the Secretary of State simply lists “scattered” on the certified totals.

But, I digress. Of the ballot listed choices, Gary Johnson is probably closest to my views, however his support of a national sales tax and “humanitarian wars” (whatever that means) are reason enough for me to not give him my vote. Instead, I will use the write-in option to cast a protest vote for “None of the Above” (NOTA) and if you're not satisfied with your choices, I ask you to join me in doing so!

In Liberty,
G.B. Madison