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Martha Fuller Clark, Chris Sununu Thank You 

My full support goes to Ms. Clark because she is the people’s choice.  I cannot say enough good things about Martha.  Running for NH State Senate District 21 was an honor because I met people like Ms. Clark.  Our points of view are completely opposite on how the state should run.   That did not make a difference in my believing in her.  It was the people’s choice that her goals and manner for what they want the State to be; so all my support and actions will be to support Ms Clark in any way that I can.  If Ms. Clark were to ask me for help in any thing I would put all my efforts to see that my actions were to bring her views forward.  In talking with and debating Ms Clark it was my honor to personally see what a nice person she is and I hope the people of NH get the same chance. 

            The sad thing about running is that the Veteran Resort-Chapel image was distorted because the Fosters newspaper spreads false rumors to harm it and make the voter despise me. The good is that Chris Sununu asked me to walk the property with him where the cabins for homeless veterans to live for free until they get back on their feet will be built.  Running for NH State Senate is not winning or losing but allowing the people to tell how the majority thinks the state must perform.  Meeting Mr. Sununu was my honor just like it was to meet Ms. Clark.  I hope this letter does not get censored as the newspapers have done to all my other opinion letters.  The voters must learn it does not matter Democrat or Republican.  We as a nation and as a state in the USA must put our hands out and help each other even if our points of view are different.  Each individual is different and has their own views but think how great it would be if we could all work together.   My volunteering to help others every day of the year is what my coming back alive to see and hopefully be a friend to great citizens like Ms. Clark and Mr. Sununu.  Serving the United States of American weather it is helping another person or as an elected official is my way of showing respect to all those that gave their lives in conflict to keep us free and safe. 

            Thank you Ms. Clark and Mr. Sununu it was my honor.

PS Mr. Sununu to bring the public awareness to the Veteran Resort-Chapel it is ok with me if the news media is made aware of our meeting.  I say that as this letter will be censored just like all my others by the biased news communication system.    

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi


K. Sullivan C-Span arrogance and ignorance 

Your DNC or WH talking points were annoying and insulting. The smirk on your face as one caller spoke of the reporting of Fox News on Benghazi issues betrayed your patronizing attitude and your ignorance about that matter. Then your mindless spewing of the Dem. talking points on "insuring that the perps are brought to justice blah,blah,blah" I've heard them many times from parties who are politically motivated to help the Pres. stonewall and further attempt to 'cool the mark' until after Nov. 6.

The REAL ISSUE is, and the concern of many VOTERS is, THE FAILURE TO RESPOND TO THE AMBASSADOR'S MULTIPLE PLEAS FOR MORE SECURITY; and THE PRESIDENT, UN AMB RICE,& H.Clinton's obviously FALSE accounts of the cause of the attack and murders. There is delay and cover-up of matters regarding weapons & al quaida or al quaida affiliated TERRORISTS. I need answers to these questions BEFORE I VOTE FOR MY NEXT COMMANDER IN CHIEF. To date, his (and that of HIS press) failure to respond to these serious concerns appears more akin to that of a CON than of a Commander-in-Chief.

Secondly, in what appears to be becoming a "state-controlled press" (!) that is refusing to cover this matter, you might take your own advice to the Fox News watching caller to view some different news sources. You stated that you don't watch Fox. Perhaps you also would benefit from viewing some different news sources -- such as Fox News. Do you know that Fox has 2 different types of programming ? There are 1)Opinion Commentator programs that are DIFFERENT & DISTINCT from the 2)Straight News programs. Even the Washington Post has commended the investigative work of the Fox news reporter on these Benghazi matters. If you were to view Fox occasionally, perhaps you would have more to offer than Dem talking points. I, personally, am usually insulted by talking points. Do the parties WANT to dumb down the public discourse? And do the Dems target below average intelligence voters?

Thank you for considering these concerns.

Dana Burns


Presidential Election: Why I'm voting for "NOTA"

Due partially to New Hampshire's strict and unfair ballot access laws for minor parties, there are no solid pro-liberty candidates on the ballot. Voters will be given the option of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson or writing in a candidate. Since there is no declaration of intent for write-in candidate's to file stating they wish for their votes to be tallied, the Secretary of State simply lists “scattered” on the certified totals.

But, I digress. Of the ballot listed choices, Gary Johnson is probably closest to my views, however his support of a national sales tax and “humanitarian wars” (whatever that means) are reason enough for me to not give him my vote. Instead, I will use the write-in option to cast a protest vote for “None of the Above” (NOTA) and if you're not satisfied with your choices, I ask you to join me in doing so!

In Liberty,
G.B. Madison



Editors Violate Readers Trust 

To censor the facts that a 100% combat related disabled US Marine and his wife put their life savings to help other US Military Veterans come home mentally as well as physically just does not make since.  WE just purchased eleven acres of water front property to build a Veteran Resort-Chapel where free of charge homeless veteran’s will have a cabin of their own to live in and campsites will be set for other Veterans and their families to come and bond.  There will be a lot of open space where one can build on their religious spirits, or just learn how to be a family after coming home from war.  It is hard for those that have never been to accept a Veteran helping other Veterans for to see would mean not just to listen but hear what we are saying also.  Newspapers censoring the words of a US Military Veteran or any person take away the right only God should have the power to do.   Freedom of Speech is not the editor’s choice. 

            I volunteered many years in schools and communities teaching children trash formation art.  I have treasured this art and refused to sell it to this point.  The Veterans Resort-Chapel is worth my selling my 2’x12”x6” hand carved and crafted Concord Stage Coach with driver, passages inside and draft horses in full harness pulling it.  The piece of art will go to the highest bidder and all the money will go to help proceed on the Veteran Resort-Chapel.  I created this art to not only help children but it was my self-imposed way to learn how to come back.  PTSD and TBI two of my four service-connected disabilities took everything away that was here.  The US Military and the VA dropped me into a society that scorned and rejected us.  Citizens back here hated us for what it was the news media’s false or biased reporting that blamed the military not the politicians.  Editors to censor the facts violate the reader’s trust, as it has become the norm more and more over the years.

            The news is so biased that to stop my free speech NH and the VA have stopped my medical care for combat related disabilities.  These government wrongs, which should be front-page in every newspaper across the USA, are censored.  The NH Supreme Court violated the Constitution to protect judge Peter Favuer.  I presented a case to the NH SC and they refused to accept it.  Fauver criminally used the power of the court to help the Madbury NH selectmen use the trust of the citizens to take from local residents for personal gain.  Editors violate the reader’s trust by censoring these facts. 

            Now the editors believe harming US Military Veterans in NH is OK if they are protecting a few elite citizens over the rights of the majority.  It cannot be tolerated editors believing it is their god given right to violate the reader’s trust.  The people have a right to know that a US Military Veteran has come home and wants others to have the same chance.   Our life savings is worth it if just one has the chance to come home.   

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Lee NH 03824

To censor this opinion letter of editor’s and government wrongs is just wrong.


NH and the Veteran Resort-Chapel

  It has started the long road to helping A 100% disabled US Military Veteran helping other US Military Veterans come home mentally as well as physically.   I cannot believe the few that give derogatory remarks to what I say in my letters.  To accept what so few say makes so many others stay away in fear.  I am nobody that volunteers every day to help other individuals.  There is nothing special about me as my act is selfish for I came back alive when so many better than I gave their lives to keep what we have here in the USA strong and free.  I am asking nothing for it is my obligation to see what so many US Military gave over the history of the USA is not and will never be in VAIN.  There is no selfish motive as my life since coming back in 74 has been to volunteer to help others every chance possible.  I do this Veteran Resort-Chapel because I came back with no memory from TBI of ever being in the USA.  I came back with three other combat related disabilities to a nation that spit one me with scorn and rejection.  We come back different even if many forges a normal life back here in the world say it had no effect on them.  Some veterans are lucky as I feel that I have been.  I struggle ever day with suicide and other mental and physical disabilities that others never see.  The Veteran Resort-Chapel is a place for all veterans to go with or without family to try to come back in there own way. I accept the comments good or bad for it is individuals freely expressing their own ideas and that is what we fought to protect and defend. 

            My wife is a great woman.  She and I are putting our life savings into this because we are lucky.  It is our way of saying that to US Military Veterans that a silent hand with no obligations for staying or using the Veteran Resort-Chapel will be there for you.  Coming home for some US Military is difficult as the roads we took and the trauma we faced along with the disabilities that we incurred changed the way we think and react.  My wife and I know to make this successful helping the US Military Veteran it will have to be a self-sustaining business.  We want to place an out side bar and grill on the property with a chapel to bring the public to help support the US Military Veteran come home and enjoy it along the way. 

            I ask those that want an idea what it will be; to go over to the “Rough” in Yorke Maine on Rt. 1 behind the Barn Restaurant.   This property (eleven acres) we bought in Lee NH is so unique that with the Chapel, bar and grill about 200 feet in the woods from the road will leave an area thousands of feet away near the water for the campsites and cabins for the Veterans to come home mentally and physically. 

            It is my belief that the people of NH have the right to know these facts.  The newspapers and news media censor my words.  NH and the VA stopped my medical care for combat related disabilities to stop my opinion of government wrongs.  To keep the public ignorant of any person trying to help US Military Veterans come home mentally and physically is the greatest crime of all time. 

            Tell the editors and news media just what and injustices they are!

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi

Lee NH 03824