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Penn State Ex-Pres charged, just as Kelly Ayotte, Ex-Chief John Pickering and Judge Pamela Albee should be charged!

Conspiracy, Endangering the welfare of children, and Perjury!  Pieces of shit.......


One of the biggest Public Corruption cover-ups ever!

Children neglected and abused, father falsely arrested for reporting sexual abuse, charges routinely dropped and hidden by Judge Pamale Albee.  Senator Kelly Ayotte made it happen, along with Colantuono, Paul Brodeur-NHDOJ, Ex-Chief John Pickering, NH State Police etc.  They show no shame at all.......I am spent!  You fvvked me up good! Please don't pretend race had nothing to do with this lynching.......


Connecticut assigns assistant attorney general Cynthia E. Mahon to defend my lawsuit

I have retained attorney Lisa Vincent, a Quinnipiac Law Grad with honors.  Lisa is supportive of activism and fights the good fight.  She finds my story and battle fascinating and knows it has merit.  Claims Commissioner #23009 in Connecticut.  The Meriden PD also ignore the Internal Affairs complaint filed by the MAYOR'S OFFICE of Meriden, in defiance of my family regaining our rights! We the people has been overtaken by We The Powerful.......we need change, and it looks like the Redress of Grievance Committee is doing just that.  Congrats Johnson, Haas, Vandenberg and hopefully soon...HOLMAN.


Suit filed against Connecticut state, naming New Hampshire co-conspirators....

I have filed notice with the Claims Commissioner, and have named Kelly Ayotte, Ex-Chief John Pickering, Thomas P Colantuono and others in the fraud and conspiracy/color of law that I know my family has suffered, at the hands of New Hampshire, Connecticut and Washington state DSHS/DCF/DCYF/DOJ, among others.  I will be deposing as many of them as possible and look forward to questioning why they have expunged or maintained no documentation to challenege my allegations.  There should be hundreds of documents, mind you.  THEY OBVIOUSLY BELIEVE A BLACK MAN AND HIS TODDLERS/CHILDREN DESERVE NO MORE RIGHTS THAN AN ANIMAL AT THE ZOO.............less, actually!


There is only one way to defeat a corrupt judge......

and that will get you a seat on death row.......