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Meriden Courthouse also says "screw you and your children in the rear".

Same games, ignore evidence, leave children with opiate addicted former prostitute and screw you and your children's rights.  They want  me to harm someone so they can imprison me, what they want for all African American males.  The Smith family  laughs at me today, saying "write this down too" from their lips, referring to documents I have provided to court that are literally ignored by the Judges.  Courts say "We can do whatever to you, because no one is overseeing us, but us!  Sadly, I argue until I am blue in the face, Judge just sits there not doing anything.  The Feds are involved as I informed you of the first contacts with former Boston Supervisor Jay Fallon.  He let me know, we are on Pickering side, as did Pickering while I was in lockup on bogus charges before a protective/custody hearing.  Nothing I can do, the Master has me in shackles, other slaves watch as mine and my chidlren's rights are ripped to shreds before our eyes.  Government funded sex-abuse.  Exactly what I was told 6 years ago by a New Hampshire father fighting to protect his family.  He warned me "don't let it startle you, this is what they do".  We need a revolution against corruption by people who live off of the people.......



The above mentioned individuals committed civil rights crimes against my sons and I.  IF YOU BELIEVE THIS TO BE A LIE, PLEASE COME SUE ME OR CHARGE ME WITH SOMETHING.  As long as this is unresolved you can and will be held accountable.  We intend to hold this country to its promise, that we have inalienable rights that you CANNOT take from us.  I have a right to protect my rights........


Imagine waking daily to the fact that Ayotte, Delaney, Albee and Pickering all colluded to crap all over your families rights!

I can't stand waking trying to figure out where to turn next for justice.  I enlightened you to the help they got from Former Boston FBI Supervisor Jay Fallon, he had no time to conduct a formal investigation before calling me twice to let me know that Pickering had inside help to evade prosecution. Thankfully there are some Statehouse Reps who are standing for the truth.   I am getting a lawsuit together to cover everyone from Fallon down to a court clerk.  This country went to the dogs long before an African American President was elected........ 


Redress Grievance Committee, Mike Delaney seeks its demise.




I name names.......


FBI Agent Jay Fallon was New Hampshire FBI, the reason he supported Ex-Chief John Pickering

The internet is a great thing.  NO WONDER I CANNOT FIND JAY FALLON, he called twice warning me that I would get no support from the FBI (2006) and he was right.  Why? Because he was a friend of former Colonel of the State Police John Pickering, so he made sure my complaint to the FBI would fall through a crack.  Skip to today, the crime has been well documented, the names named and the lawsuit is in the works.  the Boston FBI has some corrupt agents in their ranks, I can assure you! Blatant civil rights attack of a mixed family who bought a home in Eidelwiess, and helped to get me removed from my boatbuilding job in Marblehead.  But guess what, I took home as much pay as the owner and VP at CW Hood Yachts due to my negotiating skills.  I was told by Hood that if anyone found out how much I brough home I would lose my job.  I made more than anyone else out in the shop all day.  new Hampshire thought I would roll over, but alas that is not me.  Instead New Hampshire found itself on the AMISTAD, and I won't stop until one of you bitches is crying/sobbing......