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Trump Candidacy Threatens NH “First In Nation” Status!

You’ve heard about the Donald Trump Candidacy as a Republican for the 20216 election cycle? Who hasn’t right, with the Main Stream Media pumping out story after story! Trump makes outrageous statements usually with a hint of truth behind them. The media organizations use these to attract audiences, usually liberal/progressive in nature who can be outraged at the Donald’s antics. They know full well The Donald is all about promoting The Donald. He basks in the limelight. Liberal Progressives and their media enablers see a great opportunity to disrupt the Republican selection process and perhaps maybe even give Hillary a clearer path to victory.

This is easily accomplished, Trump can be baited into making harsh, offensive, racially charged, entitled, etc. comments about all the major issues of the day. Worse he will make it sound like there is one single simple solution to problems as he defines major issues involving lots of dynamics as having one causation that needs correcting.

Next publish “polls” showing Trump leading or right on the heels of the current leaders in the Republican field. Polls always have such good intention they must be good and accurate right? It’s all in how you ask the questions, who you ask, and how many you ask.

Next solicit comments from his competitors. A baiting game trying to get others to agree or better yet disagree vehemently. This will get “The Donald” fired up with another knee jerk reaction causing more knee jerk outrage amongst the liberal progressives. More viewers, more readers, more tweets trending, and more advertising sold! Secondary benefit is Hillary is able to keep skating away on some really major dereliction of duties, and mishandling of the people’s business usually with the end benefit collected by the Clintons! Everyone is focused on The Donald and the disorganized and dysfunctional GOP or at least as defined by the Main Street Media.

This is all a big Media Induced Scam to sell product and keep the Democrats in power. Which brings up New Hampshire, its “First in the Nation” Primary Status and the risk with The Donald and the Main Stream Media Blitz. New Hampshire’s lame voting system used in the primaries meant to generate millions of dollars in campaign spending right here in New Hampshire is basically the same as the MSM scam.

In New Hampshire you can register as a Democrat, a Republican, or an Undeclared. Anytime during the year you can go to or exchange mail with the Supervisors of the Checklists changing your party affiliation. On primary day if you are an Undeclared you get to pick which ballot you prefer the Democratic or Republican. Immediately following voting you can go to the Supervisors of the Checklists table and file the official card changing your affiliation back to an undeclared or previous party.

This makes Primary Day really just a poll meant to stimulate attention and activity. It is not to actually select the person that the party should run for the office. Many of the people who voted in any given Party’s primary have no intention of actually voting that way in the “Real” election. It is a lot like letting the NY Yankees select the draft picks for the Boston Red Sox. It’s why Trump can win New Hampshire!

Making it even more fun is New Hampshire’s domicile and motor voter laws or at least how some of our Judges interpret the laws. This allows people from all over the country to drive up, make up an address and vote on the same day they got here perhaps even in multiple locations depending on the size of the persons gumption. Sweet!

But keep this hush-hush, between you and me otherwise if the country finds out how New Hampshire’s Primary really works we’ll get kicked to the curb.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Will Conservatives Wake Up and Fight Government Marriage?

I have stated before and I will state it again. The problem is not Gay Marriage it is Government Marriage.

Pretending that the government has "feelings" is the real culprit. They do not emote! In no way can the government offer anything to marriage except legal recourse for when it fails. That is why we should be ending governenment marriage ASAP replaceing it with what it actually is, a Personal Partnership, ie a contractual agreement.

Rather than restate this all over again I refer you to a previous Editorial

Get Government Out Of Relationships

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Senator Ayotte’s Office Phones Jammed!

This past Thursday 6/11/15 the US Senate office of Senator Ayotte had their phones jammed by an unknown perpetrator. Making things worse was the method, they appeared to use a voter list of the Senator’s supporters, or at least Republicans to do the jamming from their phones.

Here’s how it went down. You would get a call from a NH number, i.e.: a 603 number. I know this isn’t actually true anymore due to unlinking of the numbers from the phone companies. That is the impression though that you get when your Caller ID says Danbury NH 603-nnn-nnnn. After saying hello you are in a pause state for a few seconds, then you can hear it ringing somewhere. In a few seconds the ringing phone gets answered “Senator Ayotte’s office, how can I help you”.

Now the original receiver of a call is connected automatically to the Senators office. It now takes a few minutes to explain how you weren’t actually calling Senator Ayotte’s office rather just answering a phone call.

According to Senators Ayotte’s office this had been happening all day long. Wasting valuable time on both ends of the phone, causing legitimate callers to the Senator’s office to ring busy!

Here is my diagnosis, it is either a clever scheme to circumvent the phone jamming laws by having actual callers making the calls even if it is without their permission. Perhaps a test run for future use. Or it is the result of a poorly designed and implemented auto dialer scheme to push a particular ideological position, in which case they should step forward and issue an apology to the Senator and all the people they auto-jammed that day!

Which do you think it was?

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


NH Rebellion Claims Bipartisanship but Actions Tell a Different Story

NH Rebellion, is the supposed non-partisan grassroots group, working to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision called Citizens United. Citizens United decision allowed corporations and individuals to contribute unlimited amounts of money to groups organized under the IRS 501(c)4 rules to be used for issue advocacy.

First the claim that they are a grassroots organization falls apart when you realize NH Rebellion and other groups like it in the USA are funded primarily by a 501(c)4 group called Public Citizen.

According to their recent press releases they were active protesting outside the NH GOP’s FITN event this past weekend. Demanding the Republican candidates reveal their positions on this divisive issue.

Yet there has been no press releases from NH Rebellion about how they would demand of Hillary Clinton the same information during her visit to NH. What’s the matter cat got your tongue?

Or could it be that you are only interested in suppressing the speech of the Republicans and are just fine with all the money pouring into the Democrat coffers from the Billionaires and Unions that agree with your political ideology! 

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


How to Find Hillary’s Emails, Lois Lerner's too!

It is so frustrating to watch the select committees trying to find lost emails and get straight answers from high level bureaucrats. Of course these are important at least in their mind Congressmen and Senators who wouldn’t think of interviewing people way below their pay grade. More problematic is they haven’t got a clue as to how technology works and what are the functions of server administration.

Asking for the server is unnecessary, you do not need to have the exact hardware to recover the user data files. You can download the user data to any machine that is running the same type of operating system.

Here’s how to find all those emails or proof that Hillary Clinton and the IRS both took actions to obstruct Congress from getting to the bottom of these scandals.

First subpoena the system administrators and ask a few simple questions.

Did you do backups of the user data? How often? Did you ever do complete image copies of the user data? How often? What were your plans for recovery from a catastrophic event, such as a fire, bombing, or severe EMP event? Where were these backup media stored? What process was in place to retrieve these backup media? Who had the authority to request the backup media?

Next subpoena the management of the off-site storage company. Ask them about their policies for retrieving, or destroying media? Ask for a complete inventory of the media and a full history of all the coming and goings of the media and who requested it.

Next subpoena the actual backup media. Get a good techie to unload them from the backup media.

Viola! You now have all the old emails or proof that Hillary Clinton’s staff and the IRS took definitive action to obstruct Congress.

Work Hard, Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura