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Fossil Fuels Rescue Obama’s Anemic “Green” Economy!

In a major affront to the green energy policies and politics, the 50% decline in the cost of a barrel of oil has done more for the economy than Obama was able to accomplish with 6 years of Socialism and Keynesian economics.

AAA estimates that in auto fuel alone $ 14 Billion was returned to the end users for them to go ahead and spend on other things! The multiplying factor of this real capitalism based stimulus accounted for much of the growth. Add to that the amount returned to the end user through decreased home heating and cooling costs and we are experiencing real capitalistic growth.

The Presidents Socialistic version of stimulus, $857 Billion, barely kept the countries head above water. It is because the government’s version creates money out of thin air, thus immediately lowering the value of the Trillions of dollars in the hands of our citizens. Instead of encouraging spending by the populous, they dig in deeper to try to preserve their dwindling Equity. Compound that by giving much of the money out through Crony Capitalism (Socialism/Communism) deals with major political friends and allies such as Solyndra, or the construction unions where the money disappeared back into the political coffers of the rulers.

Don’t get too comfortable though, the numbers are still basically horrible. We have the lowest labor participation rate in 30 plus years. That can be stated another way, the 50 million or so additional citizens we have added in the past 30 years have been unable to find a job!

The situation will return to recession like conditions as soon as OPEC and the US Producers settle this production dispute. Seems OPEC is ticked that the American Producers have been successful at increasing domestic supply in spite of Obama Administration Green policies that put up obstacles at every turn. This has resulted in a glut of oil on the markets, causing the price to plummet. OPEC will eventually adjust their outputs as soon as the Americans agree to slow down some of their production. The price will eventually get back to somewhere halfway between $50 and $100 a barrel.

At that time energy prices will again rise, slowing growth. It will be even worse if the Politicians take advantage of the temporary lowering of prices to institute further taxation on energy.

Stay Tuned!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Obama Uses Police Racism to Cover His Screwing Blacks With Amnesty Order!

President Obama screwed Black Americans when he issued his Executive Order protecting Illegal Immigrants. Already having the worst unemployment numbers in many decades, Black Americans will feel the effects of Amnesty more than any other socioeconomic group.

Entry level jobs are being filled with illegal immigrants. Blacks looking to start their work life, mostly teenagers, are denied these jobs.

Other black Americans looking to advance in a career are denied promotions as newly arrived immigrants are willing to work for less.

Conveniently, Obama and the other Race Baiters, using the Jonathan Gruber and Obama Administration policy position that most people are too stupid to understand, just screwed Black America and they will never realize it because of his hyperbole over police brutality.

Fact is police brutality crosses racial lines. It doesn’t matter what your race, if you disobey orders from the police, or resist arrest you will get your ass whipped! If you fight back you may get a more severe retribution such as getting shot and killed! Here in the Northeast TASERS (tm) seem to be the weapon of choice.

I recently saw a female officer take down a man half again her size with the Taser! He was drunk and very disorderly yelling profanities, at a local shopping center where families were doing their weekly shopping. The officer arrived on scene alone, tried to talk this guy down but when he started to advance on her, POW! he was down and shaking. She slapped the cuffs on him and waited for backup to help get him in her patrol car.

The real lesson is behave, no matter what your race or ethnicity, or risk paying a huge penalty up to and including your life.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


A Woman’s Right to Choose

NB: An Abridged 300 word version of this was published in the Tuesday October 28th Edition of the Monadnock Ledger Transcript.  /bobdm


The Democratic Party claims they champion a Woman’s right to choose. Just what is it they let woman choose?

Democrats oppose a woman’s right to choose which school their child attends, to bear arms for self-protection, not to join a union, or what health insurance to buy.

Democrats oppose a woman’s right to choose a job that rewards excellent performance. The Paycheck Fairness and Equality Act would have made it illegal for employers to base bonuses, raises or promotions on performance. It mandated only seniority and educational training could be used. Since women often interrupt their careers to raise a family, when they return to work they are behind their male coworkers in seniority and could never catch up.

Democrats claim they give women the right to terminate pregnancies. Early gestational pregnancy termination was never illegal. The problem was that white male doctors decided who could have a D&C for pregnancy termination. Late term gestational termination defined as after 20 weeks when the baby has all its organs in place, a central nervous system capable of feeling pain and its own heart beat was a rare procedure only used to save a woman in imminent danger of dying. Roe vs. Wade solved the first problem making it available to everyone but unwittingly made it legal for optional late term termination up until the actual due date.

Late term termination is a topic that needs more conversation and regulation. Birth is 100% effective at terminating pregnancy. Since the Abortionist has to kill the baby while still in the birth canal then complete the birthing process to deliver a “stillborn”. Yes this is what Democrats are trying to pass off as “Contraception”. Why not let the baby be born regardless of the gestational week without the messy killing part. The baby should have a right to emancipation from the mother, eligible for benefits from the government such as healthcare and if they survive be available for adoption by any qualified individual or couple, gay or straight. This also alleviates the issue where the baby is born still alive due to a botched abortion. The abortion industry insists that these babies be ignored and left to die. Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia was convicted because he would then go ahead and finish killing the baby. President Obama while an Illinois Senator stated that the baby born of a botched late term abortion should not be cared for rather left to die.

Women don’t have a right to choose to whom they donate money. Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded. With the advent of the ACA, Planned Parenthood is no different than the hundreds of other OB/GYN/Internal Medicine practices in the state, they can invoice the healthcare plan of the women that come to them for service.

Black Women represent about 14% of the population but account for over 30% of all abortions. They are 56% of all late term abortions. Stunningly 34% of the black population has been eliminated through abortions since the advent of Roe V Wade. Again, Democrats call this contraception, if it were in another country we would call that genocide!

Women who cherish freedom and real rights to choose should vote Republican this election.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Shaheen’s Wall Street Billionaires

The Democrats repeat the same mantra that the Republican candidates are all in for The Koch Brothers, Big Oil, and Wall Street. But where are the Democrats getting money to fund their campaigns?

Senator Shaheen, US Rep Carol Shea-Porter and US Rep Annie Kuster are heavily financed by the wealthy elites of Hollywood. There is also Billionaire Wall Street Hedge Fund manager and radical Environmentalist Tom Steyer, and Warren Buffet, majority owner of Berkshire Hathaway and President Obama’s BFF!

The Democrats screamed that Scott Brown killed Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency Bill but nothing could be further from the truth. Scott Brown did contact members of the Senate to see how they were voting on a number of issues, including Senator Shaheen’s energy bill, what he found was not what he expected. All the Republicans were planning on voting for Shaheen’s energy bill! The Republicans along with a number of Democrats had passed an amendment to the bill that would have immediately approved the XL Pipeline project.

Senate President Harry Reid did the only thing he could do to save Senator Shaheen the embarrassment of voting against her own bill to protect the wishes of Tom Steyer and Warren Buffet, he pulled the bill from consideration in the Senate.

Both of these major donors of the Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster campaigns are staunch foes of the XL-Pipline. Steyer is heavily invested in alternative energy companies, anything that would lower the cost of oil is bad for his bottom line. Warren Buffett opposes the XL-Pipeline because his company Berkshire Hathaway owns the railroads that are currently transporting the oil. Neither of these Shaheen donors cares one iota that oil and gas prices could top $8 in the next few years. That affect is a mere rounding error on their monthly budgets. Unlike the rest of us who are having a hard time making the end of the month and the end of the money meet.

Energy poverty is on the horizon if we continue with the Obama/Democrats/Climate Alarmists/EPA energy policies.

Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator


NHI Supports Rubens, Garcia, Hemingway and Write in Bruce Marcus For Hills24

NHInsider or more accurately Bob DeMaura, will be supporting the following in today’s primary election.

US Senate

Jim Rubens gets the nod. There are a number of issues that Jim and I see differently. The same could be said for all the other candidates as well. Brown has been a bust campaigning, there was a period where he just couldn’t seem to decide if he was going to do this, needing the RNC and the NH GOP to commit to him before he could decide. Sort of an immature way to decide. His campaign had so many gaff’s it was hard to keep track. The latest being the press release regarding his recent canoe trip on the Contoocook. They point out that “The Contoocook River runs 71 miles long, flowing from Penacook to the Contoocook Lake on the Jaffrey/Rindge border.” That’s news to us folks here on the Contoocook!

Former Senator Smith is a reminder of the GOP of the past, the way back past! Rich white man telling everyone else that he is a moral and ethical person and the rest of us are subject to his definition of morality.

For transparency sake, when NHInsider was just starting Jim Rubens was a Blogger at NHInsider.

US House NH CD2

Marilinda Garcia gets my vote in CD2. She has run a fairly clean campaign with the exception of having to respond to Gary Lambert’s attacks once the polls showed he was trailing by a considerable amount. For me I turned off Lambert when he voted Democrat on a number of critical issues like Cap and Trade to fix man made climate change that doesn’t actually exist. Garcia also gives the NH GOP and the RNC a candidate that isn’t a rich white man.

NH Governor

Andrew Hemingway is our choice for Governor. He’s a thoughtful person. He supports a NH that we remember before the state was flooded with NY and MA refugees. A Libertarian view of what a State should be for its citizens. Walt Havenstein reminds me of Craig Benson and that isn’t a good thing. A State Government is a vastly different creature than a private commercial enterprise. Then his negative baggage that he is carrying around, like being a wealthy person who is willing to cheat and lie to save $9K in taxes!

Hillsborough 24 (Peterborough)

With the latest reshuffling of the NH House districts Peterborough ended up with 2 Reps and no other towns connected with them. Sharon residents were certainly miffed that they were put in with New Ipswich and not Peterborough. After all, they are like Peterborough’s step child, they get all their services from Peterborough often for less than Peterborough taxpayers pay!

Peterborough has always been more moderate, Walter Peterson was a Republican Governor from Peterborough that supported an income tax. In his later years he endorsed John Lynch for Governor.

This year no one was willing to run as a Republican for the NH House from Peterborough. Some of this comes from frustration with the County and State party apparatus that tried to treat Peterborough (and the surrounding area towns) as if we were a big City. Like you could go out one weekend and cover the entire district. As if you only have to contact those registered as Republicans who already claim they support you. At least those were the lists they provided to the locals.

I will be writing in Bruce Marcus on my ballot, if for no other reason than to emphasize that there are more than just moonbeam, energy hating, rich elites in Peterborough!

Work Hard and Vote!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider owner/operator