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Did Obamacare Invalidate HIPPA?

Did the massively huge healthcare insurance reform The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare eliminate or override the HIPPA rules? With the healthcare insurance companies getting tons of personal information from the Federal Government mandates, what does the new law allow insurance companies to do with that information?

This came up in conversation with some friends recently. One friend had a surgical mesh put in many years ago; it has never been an issue. A few months ago she started having some abdominal issues which were diagnosed as a hernia and repaired. Sometime between diagnosis and getting the surgery to repair the hernia she stated getting phone calls from third parties about her options since she has a surgical mesh implanted. Now how did they find that out after all these years?

Another relayed a story of someone they knew that started having seizures about 3 years ago. It took a few months for them to do all the testing for a diagnosis of Epilepsy. A few more months to get them regulated on seizure medications. A few months after that they started getting phone calls from the Epilepsy foundation!

Another told how in the past year they had an MRI for some low back pain. A few months later a third party company called them offering “Back Braces” their health insurance would pay for!

If you know of any stories I’d love to hear them. I’m starting to believe the new healthcare laws are giving the insurance companies broad authority to use patient information. Please ask your friends if they have received any phone calls or solicitations directly related to a medical situation over the last 3 years.

If this is true then that is one more area of this monstrosity called Obamacare that needs repealing!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Gas Tax Increase OK With Conditions!

There is a clamor for more money to maintain our transportation infrastructure. The NH Senate showed its willingness to accommodate by passing the gas tax bill SB 367.

I can accept a small increase though I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a temporary tax. This will definitely hit the fixed income seniors and disabled. It will also hit the low income people, at least until they get a 39% increase in income with a minimum wage increase proposed by President Obama. Add this on top of a reported 18% increase in groceries and the elderly and disabled are at risk!

I am willing to compromise though with a few conditions.

First, I would want a “Truth in Taxing” clause added that requires every gas station to post the current Federal and State taxes per gallon in a Prominent location easily seen by people using the gas pumps.

Repeal the RGGI taxes on gasoline and fuel. This is a boondoggle if there ever was one. The very first recipient was Stonyfield farms who received $1.2 Million dollars to go green. Not a bad deal for a foreign owned company but a rip-off of NH fuel users! Another who received $75K was The Town of Temple to weatherize their Town House. What a rip-off! After the Energy Crisis of 1973 any town that still hadn’t upgraded their facilities by the year 2000 should not be rewarded with broad based taxpayer support. They should upgrade their own Town House for the savings alone never mind sticking the fuel users with the bill caused by their indecision!

Another would be to eliminate the marine use rebates of the gas tax. All marine use gas tax collected should go to whatever department is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the waterways. Whether that is Natural Resources or Fish and Game or some other agency this would go a long ways to resolving some of their budget issues.

Then there is the issue of Hybrids and Electric vehicles that use little gas and still use the transportation system. How are we going to “tax” these users so they pay their “fair share” of the highway maintenance?

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Screw Climate Change, Protect USA from EMP’s

With the loss of Malaysia Airlines 777 an old time Science Fiction scenario has become quite possibly real. The plane is capable of carrying nuclear bombs into the atmosphere and delivering them over any target area they choose. These could be detonated in the upper levels of the atmosphere and the attendant Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) would fry all solid state electronics below. Everything that has a solid state circuit board in its design would no longer function. The Pulse would also be strong enough to fry every electrical transformer in the huge affected area.

In the early 1980’s it was always a part of all conversations with the military regarding the use of computer equipment. The first question would be can it be hardened, meaning can we protect it from strong electro magnetic pulses.

Frighteningly they can also come from the Sun! When the Sun is experiencing strong surface storms the explosions observed by telescope send waves of electro magnetic pulses towards the earth. In the northern part of the northern hemisphere, these are responsible for the Auroras Borealis or the Northern Lights.

While waiting for my wife at an eye doctors appointment I read in a National Geographic magazine an article about EMPs from the Sun! The Astrophysicist quoted said that if the Sun were to have storms such as reported in 1858, every electrical transformer in the northern hemisphere would fry! The power outage would not be measured in days or weeks rather in years as there is not enough transformers in inventory and most are made in China as well!

So screw climate change and its voodoo science. The academics and public employees who have been making these predictions for the past 40 years have been not just kind of wrong but blatantly way off base on all their predictions. Only in Government work and Academia can you be consistently wrong and still employed! They have found a way to bleed money from the people whose real concern is they hate the energy companies and want the government to take over that sector of the economy. Why do they hate them? They feel they are making profits selling to people what already belongs to them, natural resources.

The effort to secure us from EMP’s would be huge, it would be a massive jobs program especially if we insisted that all parts be made or sourced in America.

Hey Republicans, let the Democrats keep “Climate Change” you go after the EMPs and you are immediately the better platform!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Citizens United – The Right Decision

The decision by the United States Supreme Court in the so called “Citizens United” case that corporations are people was the correct decision. Corporations are organized and managed by people, for the benefit of people i.e. the stockholders. The case did not involve the federal ban on direct contributions from corporations or unions to candidate campaigns or political parties, which remain illegal in races for federal office.[5]

There is a group of  anti-corporation petitioners putting articles on town meeting agendas to restrict the rights of corporations to speak out about issues or petition the government. I have to wonder whom do they think runs corporations? The 1st Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to form corporations (right to assemble), and protects their right to speech including speech that tries to influence the government (right to petition the government with grievances).

When they say corporations do they mean all corporations? Will they be restricting Unions such SEIU or AFL-CIO or Non-Profits like American Red Cross or ABLE? Will they be restricting companies such as Americans For Prosperity a 501(c)C4 corporation?

In a stunning example of arrogant hypocrisy the group behind this effort to restrict the rights of corporations is called Public Citizen. Based out of Washington DC, themselves a 501C4 issue advocacy corporation exempt from publishing the names of their donors! This is the group that has funded the field workers placed in every state and built and maintain the websites such as NH4Democracy.org. The field workers primary role is to work with local activists to identify supporters, organize rallies, letter writing, and lead the effort to put these petitions up for votes in each community throughout the United States. Our Democracy is in serious trouble if one group can sway enough people to use the constitution to squelch the rights of people they dislike.

If you truly want to remove the corrupting influence of money you need to change the system. I can give two suggestions I’m certain there are other viable ideas as well.

First is to repeal the 17th amendment. The 17th Amendment changed how US Senators get their seats. Ratified in 1913 this required the open election of Senators by popular vote  instead of appointment by the Governor with confirmation by majority vote of the State Legislature. The US Senate is supposed to be the Ambassadors of the States interest in federal government affairs. This is why every State gets exactly 2 Senators, so every state is equal despite differences in population or land mass. This100 year experiment has led the way to where we are today, a massive Federal Government that has swallowed up the rights of States to manage their affairs, with money now having an undue influence on the Senate.

The second suggestion would be a constitutional amendment that changes the term of a US House Representative from 2 years to 4 years and sets a specific limit on the number of terms any one Representative or Senator can serve. The intention of the founders was to get people to commit to service for a short period of time, then to return home to their affairs so someone else can serve. The Founders never imagined that there would be a permanent ruling class that makes careers out of government service.

For those of you who may have already voted to take away the rights of some people you can write/call/speak with your Representative and explain how you didn’t fully understand what you were voting, on these petition articles. For those with it coming up soon in your town Vote NO, do not turn the country into a backwater dictatorship.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Heroin: Caution The Cure Will Kill You!

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services issued a press release regarding the current epidemic of heroin overdoses.

NH DHHS Issues Brief: Heroin Use in NH Reaching Epidemic  Proportions

Part of the press release makes reference to the use of alternative drugs to help kick the heroin habit. The one most used is Methadone AKA Suboxone. I don’t know much about the other two drugs mentioned but I do know from tons of anecdotal evidence (I have never received funding for a study) that the use of Methadone in combination with Alcohol can lead to sudden death!

Unlike heroin where you overdose to die and can in fact be revived if caught in time with an injection of Narcan. With the combination of Methadone and Alcohol it is more of a reaction type thing, you take the regular prescribed dosage of Methadone and have anywhere from one to a few drinks and suddenly you stop breathing. No overdose involved and no intervention will revive you! Worse you can combine them for a period of time with no ill results then suddenly you’re dead!

So if you must use Methadone please do not drink any alcohol not even one drink!

So how do we solve the heroin issue? Use the extra money saved from no longer having to investigate, prosecute and incarcerate marijuana users to dry up the supply!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura