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Hobby Lobby Decision Because You Don’t Own Your HealthCare!

The Supreme’s did an excellent job on the Hobby Lobby case, sticking to constitutional principles. There is never a good reason for the Government to force a person to purchase for someone else a product that they consider repugnant and a violation of their religious definition of life!

However the problem is/should have been easily solved. Unfortunately Obamacare, in 22000 plus pages made no attempt to fix the basic fundamental flaw in our healthcare insurance system. Ownership of the policies is by a third party, your employer or the government and not you!

Home and auto insurance works fine with each state regulating it for the protection of their citizens. People own their policies and can easily switch to another carrier.

The solution is so simple, everyone owns and manages their own Healthcare account. Employers and other entitlement benefit dispensers make your benefit deposits to your account. You select an insurance plan you want from the state approved insurance plans. The insurance companies make an automatic monthly withdrawal from your account to cover your premiums. You can also deposit money into this account at any time or on a set schedule. The excess in your account can be withdrawn by State certified companies that provide healthcare services such as doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, or other approved providers. When you die any remaining funds are deposited into the beneficiary’s healthcare accounts as designated by you.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Open Party Primaries or Letting the Yankee's Choose the Draft Picks For The Red Sox!

Crossover voters! It's come up a few times during the primary election cycles in various states. It was credited as one of the potential reasons for the failure of Rep Eric Cantor to win re-election as the Republican Candidate. It is being credited as one of the reasons that US Senator Thad Cochran will be the Republican candidate for Senate from Mississippi.

I've complained about this same thing happenning in NH. Undeclared voters who lean one way choose the ballot of the party they do not favor so they can vote for the candidate they think will be easiest to beat in the general elections!

These are Party Primaries to select the candidate that best fits the current membership of the parties. Allowing this crossover voting completely voids the idea that these are the best fit candidates that win.

If you are not a member of the Party at least 60 days prior to the election you should not be allowed to select that parties ballot period. You should also have to wait at least 60 days after an election before you can rescind your party selection.

However I am looking forward to the 2016 primaries. I will be relinquishing my party affiliation for the opportunity to select a Democrat ballot in 2016. I think Joe Biden will be a wonderful candidate for the Democratic party in the 2016 Presidential election. Although I still like John Edwards alot, as he truly reflects the ethics and morals of the Democratic Party!


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


The IRS is Lying About Lois Lerners Emails!

The IRS is claiming to have lost all Lois Lerners emails when they suffered a major computer crash! This is a bold face lie! Now it may be lying in a Susan Rice kind of way. They sent someone out to do the lying for them and this person is truly convinced that this is in fact true, the crash of the computer wiped out the data.

It is a lie because any MIS organization of any size bigger than an individual on his PC does nightly system backups to removable media. The media is stored in-house. They also do a major backup of everything at least once a week and depending on the size of the organization it may be a daily activity as well. This media is then sent to secure storage off-site. It is stored and archived there for varying periods but the Government timetable due, to right to know laws is "Forever".

So not only is Lois Lerners emails available, there are numerous copies perhaps in the thousands stored offsite in a secure vault like facility.

I suggest the Committees investigating supoena these backup media immediately before and some Obama Administration flunky starts destroying them.

Unlike the erased 18 minutes in the Nixon tapes, the Obama Administration corruption is available for the country to see!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


NHDP – Masters of the Media Circle Jerk Maneuver!

The Media Circle Jerk Maneuver as I like to call it is a system that has been implemented  and managed by Ray Buckley the New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman. Here’s how it works in practice.

The Democratic Party sends out daily press releases announcing all kinds of party and candidate activity. Interspersed in these releases are “attack” releases.  It doesn’t matter if it is Harrell Kirsten, Julie McLain or any number of other authorized personnel all the attack releases appear to be identically formatted.

First a target is selected to be attacked, such as Scott Brown, Republican primary candidate for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.

A particular topic or agenda item is selected such as Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency bill that was before the Senate. A political “crime” is described, in this case that Scott Brown spoke with Republican Senators trying to get Senator Shaheens bill killed. This same release is sent out two or three times a day to their media contacts list, until such time as one or more of their faithful journalists writes about the issue in their political columns. It is not all that unusual that a journalist will write the story almost verbatim to the press release with very thin if any personal research.

Finally, to complete the circle, some PAC or other group of political activists are pointed to the article so they can make an agenda commercial calling the candidate out and using the credibility of the media outlet and journalist as proof of their accusations. An example of the ad would be the currently running advertisement from The Senate Majority PAC accusing Scott Brown of killing Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency legislation and bolstering the accusations with quotes from Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph and the Huffington Post staff reporter. There is absolutely no proof of this nor any reason for Scott Brown to have done this but it doesn’t matter it was never about reality but about the illusion of reality.

So what really happened?

Of course Scott Brown called some Senators he knew in particular Senator Ayotte who he will be working with when he is elected, to find out what was happening in the Senate. Of course Senator Shaheen’s Energy Efficiency bill was discussed.

What did Scott Brown learn? That all the Republicans were supporting the Shaheen Energy bill because the Republicans had attached an amendment calling for the immediate approval of the XL Pipeline project with the passage of the Energy Efficiency bill.

Senate President Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) killed the bill by removing it from consideration by the Senate. There were two very important reasons Senator Reid killed this bill. First and foremost was to protect President Obama from having to veto the Energy Efficiency bill so as to stop the XL Pipeline. The second was to spare Senator Shaheen the embarrassment of voting against her own legislation to satisfy her California constituents opposed to the XL Pipeline. In particular Billionaire Green Energy Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager and Shaheen campaign supporter Tom Steyer.

A completely baseless accusation has been made, reported on by the media, and exploited in an ad by a political activist organization.

Stay tuned to your televisions for an upcoming Democratic PAC supported ad featuring Walt Havenstein, candidate for NH  Governor, a  Corrupt, Evil, Rich, White Man, who probably even knows the Koch Brothers! 

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


Donald Sterling Story Driven by Agenda Not Facts!

I waited to broach this subject until the MSM driven hysteria calmed down so a reasonable approach could be talked about. The MSM used their leftist agenda of “Rich white men are evil” to taint their telling of the story! Unfortunately for Donald Sterling and those who wish for racial harmony, the MSM got the entire story wrong, this wasn’t about racism, it is about the tragedy of Geriatric Dementia and the problems that follow it.

Donald Sterling is the 84 year old billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Obviously in his life he attained a huge amount of success, at least at the business of increasing his wealth. Never during this time has there been any accusations of malfeasance. He had been recognized a number of times for his charitable giving, even the NAACP had awarded him 2 honors and had him up for a third when the scandals broke.

Then his journey into the darkness of Geriatric Dementia began. The first signs are he hired an assistant 50 years his junior with no experience in the field. This young lady known as “V” was a definite trollop and gold digger looking to increase her bottom line. Donald in his deteriorating mental state fell for her. He not only paid her well, he also bought her jewelry and paid for her living expenses. The total incentive package was estimated at over $250,000 in a short time period.

It sure does appear that V was clearly baiting Donald with her antics bringing other men to Clippers games and using Donald’s courtside seats. Yes he objected, he viewed V as his concubine since he was paying for her. His wasn’t a racial slur it was a juvenile rage of jealousy. Note he didn’t complain about her bringing women of various ethnic backgrounds only about the men.

Which brings us to the actual taping. Why was V taping the conversations if not to use for extortion purposes? But Barbara Walters didn’t think to ask about that, she was too caught up in proving racism than in getting the actual story.

All the reactions from the Media Frenzy to the NBA Commissioner were overboard and misdirected. MSM should be fined by the FCC for creating mass hysteria with their over hyped message of racism!

V should be jailed for elder abuse, grand theft larceny, extortion, and prostitution. The MSM and all its talking heads should also be charged as accessories to extortion, and elder abuse. The NBA Commissioner should be charged with elder abuse. The other NBA owners should be very cautious as to how they proceed as they could be the next one vilified. Fire the commissioner now before he makes one of you owners his next victim.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura