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NHI Supports Rubens, Garcia, Hemingway and Write in Bruce Marcus For Hills24

NHInsider or more accurately Bob DeMaura, will be supporting the following in today’s primary election.

US Senate

Jim Rubens gets the nod. There are a number of issues that Jim and I see differently. The same could be said for all the other candidates as well. Brown has been a bust campaigning, there was a period where he just couldn’t seem to decide if he was going to do this, needing the RNC and the NH GOP to commit to him before he could decide. Sort of an immature way to decide. His campaign had so many gaff’s it was hard to keep track. The latest being the press release regarding his recent canoe trip on the Contoocook. They point out that “The Contoocook River runs 71 miles long, flowing from Penacook to the Contoocook Lake on the Jaffrey/Rindge border.” That’s news to us folks here on the Contoocook!

Former Senator Smith is a reminder of the GOP of the past, the way back past! Rich white man telling everyone else that he is a moral and ethical person and the rest of us are subject to his definition of morality.

For transparency sake, when NHInsider was just starting Jim Rubens was a Blogger at NHInsider.

US House NH CD2

Marilinda Garcia gets my vote in CD2. She has run a fairly clean campaign with the exception of having to respond to Gary Lambert’s attacks once the polls showed he was trailing by a considerable amount. For me I turned off Lambert when he voted Democrat on a number of critical issues like Cap and Trade to fix man made climate change that doesn’t actually exist. Garcia also gives the NH GOP and the RNC a candidate that isn’t a rich white man.

NH Governor

Andrew Hemingway is our choice for Governor. He’s a thoughtful person. He supports a NH that we remember before the state was flooded with NY and MA refugees. A Libertarian view of what a State should be for its citizens. Walt Havenstein reminds me of Craig Benson and that isn’t a good thing. A State Government is a vastly different creature than a private commercial enterprise. Then his negative baggage that he is carrying around, like being a wealthy person who is willing to cheat and lie to save $9K in taxes!

Hillsborough 24 (Peterborough)

With the latest reshuffling of the NH House districts Peterborough ended up with 2 Reps and no other towns connected with them. Sharon residents were certainly miffed that they were put in with New Ipswich and not Peterborough. After all, they are like Peterborough’s step child, they get all their services from Peterborough often for less than Peterborough taxpayers pay!

Peterborough has always been more moderate, Walter Peterson was a Republican Governor from Peterborough that supported an income tax. In his later years he endorsed John Lynch for Governor.

This year no one was willing to run as a Republican for the NH House from Peterborough. Some of this comes from frustration with the County and State party apparatus that tried to treat Peterborough (and the surrounding area towns) as if we were a big City. Like you could go out one weekend and cover the entire district. As if you only have to contact those registered as Republicans who already claim they support you. At least those were the lists they provided to the locals.

I will be writing in Bruce Marcus on my ballot, if for no other reason than to emphasize that there are more than just moonbeam, energy hating, rich elites in Peterborough!

Work Hard and Vote!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider owner/operator


Open Party Primaries or Letting the Yankee's Choose the Draft Picks For The Red Sox!

Crossover voters! It's come up a few times during the primary election cycles in various states. It was credited as one of the potential reasons for the failure of Rep Eric Cantor to win re-election as the Republican Candidate. It is being credited as one of the reasons that US Senator Thad Cochran will be the Republican candidate for Senate from Mississippi.

I've complained about this same thing happenning in NH. Undeclared voters who lean one way choose the ballot of the party they do not favor so they can vote for the candidate they think will be easiest to beat in the general elections!

These are Party Primaries to select the candidate that best fits the current membership of the parties. Allowing this crossover voting completely voids the idea that these are the best fit candidates that win.

If you are not a member of the Party at least 60 days prior to the election you should not be allowed to select that parties ballot period. You should also have to wait at least 60 days after an election before you can rescind your party selection.

However I am looking forward to the 2016 primaries. I will be relinquishing my party affiliation for the opportunity to select a Democrat ballot in 2016. I think Joe Biden will be a wonderful candidate for the Democratic party in the 2016 Presidential election. Although I still like John Edwards alot, as he truly reflects the ethics and morals of the Democratic Party!


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura


NHInsider Editor Apologizes To the Bloggers and Faithful Readers!

I sincerely apologize for missing the last few days, In fact since early Saturday morning I have been personally off the Grid!

Seems babies and bosses can be erratic when it comes to births. My youngest son and his wife birthed my first grandchild on August 30th. How rude of Elliana Mae to decide to be delivered right in the midst of NH and National Primaries!

Luckily for us, my wife’s boss et her get some time away from her desk on very short notice so we could make the trip down to Virginia, to ohhh and ahhh and provide a bit of backup support.

My son works full time in the political field so it was very inconvenient for him. Thus, even though there was a PC and an internet connection right there, I was unable to get to it with my son trying to manager his projects from home while taking care of his first born child and his wife!

Did I mention that this past weekend was also our (My wife and I’s) 28th anniversary! One reason we have lasted so long is that I defer to my wife on certain issues such as anniversaries and grandchildren!

On a more serious note now that I have a Grand Daughter it is even more important to me to get the USA and NH governments back on even keel. Compromise is good but it has to come from both sides. It has been quite apparent for the past 6 years that the Democrats do not compromise a single iota. That’s right, 6 years, as the Democrats took control of the US House and Senate on January 3, 2007. President Bush became a Super Lame Duck President at that point. Unlike President Obama, George Bush respected the rule of law and used his Power of Executive Orders sparingly. If for no other reason, Obama needs to be defeated for his reckless disregard of the rule of law!


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator


NHI Endorses Mahoney in CD-1, Horn in CD-2 and Ovide for US Senate

After careful consideration, NHInsider.com Editor endorses the following candidates in the Republican Primary being held today September 14th. Please remember to vote!

In the NH First Congressional District we endorse Sean Mahoney. Though the race appears to be a tight one our selection of Mr. Mahoney is strong and decisive. Mr. Mahoney has the skill set and the character attributes we feel necessary in today’s contentious legislative environment. He is even tempered, thinks things through before coming to a conclusion. Not swayed by the emotional aspects of illegal immigration, Mr Mahoney sees the issue as solvable without amnesty nor a wholesale herding up and deporting of all these individuals.

Mr Guinta, his closest rival tries to pass himself off as a Conservative but his voting record in the NH House was anything but Conservative. Perhaps the most egregious was his vote against Parental Notification allowing a minor female to get an abortion without her parent’s knowledge. This violates the most basic tenet of Conservatism, Strong Families! Mr. Guinta seems to have a temper too as displayed during the recent WMUR/UL debates, and has neither knowledge nor experience in creating jobs. Mr. Guinta’s only relevant experience is as a politician.

Only Mr. Mahoney of all the candidates in CD-1 has first hand experience in job creation. Mr. Ashooh seems to be a genuine conservative, though somewhat reactionary such as his stand on illegal immigrants. Mr Ashooh career as a Lobbyist involved with the military industrial complex would be a hard sell for the voters at this time. Let’s let the Democrats try the “Pre-Corrupted Politician” strategy in CD-2 and see how that works out for them. Mr. Bestani has a ton of relevant experience as a government employee but was unable to get any traction with his campaign.

We feel Jennifer Horn is the best hope for NH to get the Second Congressional District back in the hands of a conservative Republican. She is strong on the Constitution and the role of a Congressman. Jennifer understands the limited role the Federal Government was given by the Constitution, the Sovereignty of the States, especially when it comes to the Health, Education and Welfare of the citizens.

Mr. Bass her main competition is a great person, though disingenuous with his recent conversion to the Tea Party philosophies. Mr. Bass was perhaps one of the more moderate Republicans when he served previously, voting 60% with his party, and 40% with the opposition. Mr Bass was actually far more representative of the NH CD-2 district than Paul Hodes has been with his 94% partisan voting record. Mr Bass is tied to the Bush legacy. He also promised, at one time, to abide by term limits and has reneged on his word. Bob Giuda seems to be a strong liberty minded candidate who we hope continues to stay involved, the many varied voices makes the Republicans stronger.

Ovide Lamontagne is our choice for the open Judd Gregg US Senate seat. He is by far the most conservative candidate in the field. Ovide has displayed an understanding of the constitution and the limited role of the Federal Government. Ovide is an even tempered, well spoken individual whom I am proud to say I support.

I will not have any reservations voting for Ms Ayotte or Mr. Bender should either win the nomination. Ms Ayotte understands the laws of the land and State Soveignty. While Mr. Bender, a successful business man, knows how jobs are created and how the economy operates. Mr. Binnie however is another story, at first I was impressed but as time wore on we learned that he is very liberal in his politics. He completely misunderstands the urgency of the Arizona Illegal Immigration law. Mr Binnie has also become something of a chameleon; with each new TV Ad he makes another change or redefinition of his positions. He wants the job too much, making it more about his needs than ours.

Finally we support Mr. Stephen in the Governors race. He has the relevant experience with State Budgets and a proven record of leadership in keeping costs down while leading Health and Human Services during the Benson Administration.

I do want to congratulate Mr. Kimball on running a great campaign. Though not quite ready to win the Governors office he has undergone a marvelous transformation. I saw him a little over a year ago when he first announced he was running. At that time I thought he had potential but was he ever “green” as in new. I heard him speak last month and Oh MY the difference. He is now a polished and dynamic speaker, he clearly states his positions, and passionately defends them. I believe that Mr. Kimball is an up and coming future leader in the NH GOP’s stable of candidates.

Again I can’t stress enough that it is important that all the “losers” today, stay connected as their leadership is needed on the State level.