NHI Polling


Who will be the next Chairman of the NH GOP?

Juliana Bergeron 22%
Jack Kimball 63%
Other 15%

It is a hotly contested race with the "Establishment" candidate Julianna Bergeron facing off against the "Tea Party" favorite Jack Kimball.

Another way to view is Juliana has had years of experience working within the NH GOP in various positions from Town Chair to County Chair, with all the work related to the various elections over the years. Sometime she has been more successful than other times much of it dictated by the overall political climate of the nation. She is also from an extremely Liberal/Progressive area. Keene is home to both Keene State College and Antioch University, with Franklin Pierce University just to the South East.

Jack Kimball is a relative newcomer to the political scene. Having been previously engaged with building a successful small to medium business. Over the past two years he has gone from an unknown and if you saw him two years ago a very unpolished speaker. Today after running for the Republican nomination for Governor with all it's campaigning he is now a quite polished speaker. Jack's main source of support and energy comes from a new breed of conservative that was awakened by the Tea Party movement.

NHInsider's poll is unscientific and is more a reflection of our readership than the general population. It remains to be seen whether the various County delegations have moved to the Tea Party side or remain more Main Stream Republican.


NHI Readers Against Radical Liberal Agenda, Direction of Debate Clear

2013 - Do you Support Multi-Partner Marriage? (Polygamy, Sharia Law)
Yes, All Should Benefit From Marriage 36%
No, One wife/husband is enough! 64%


Though the majority is still against the radical agenda, the direction of the future debate is clear!

We will be discussing the religious preferences for multiple partners from the Muslims and Mormons. The Gays will have to support the changes or they are truly hypocritical.


NHI Readers Against Special Rights for the Transgendered

Should Public Bathroom use be regulated by actual biological gender?
Yes, Use the Public Bathroom that Matches your actual plumbing! 72%
No, Accomodate people with Gender Identity issues (Transgendered) 28%

NHI Readers want full Name Disclosure For Discussions

Would you participate in discussions if full name disclosure is required?
Yes, and I'd pay a members fee! 20%
Yes, If it were free! 52%
No, Absolutely not! 28%

NHInsider Readers say NO TAX on Ice Storms!

Should NH Fine the Utility Companies for the Power Outages?
Yes, it's an incentive to fix faster 15%
No, it's just another TAX! 85%