McCain Attracts Liberals to PAC

By Stephen Abbott

John McCain’s "Straight Talk America" Political Action Committee announced a legislative advisory committee of House members Friday to counsel Sen. McCain on the issues.

A release by the PAC said McCain "is honored to appear with candidates who represent Republican ideals."

We need to ask what he means by "Republican ideals," when of the 50 members of this group, a full third of them (17) voted for Republican principles an average of only 38 percent of the time in the 2005-06 session, according to ratings put out by the House Republican Alliance.

Amazingly, liberals like Concord’s Liz Hager (30% rating), Manchester’s Irene Messier (35%) Jane Langley (and Rochester’s Patricia Dunlap (19%) are proud John McCain supporters, and he’s proud to have them.

In fact, of the 25 most liberal Republicans in the House, as rated by the HRA, 12 are on McCain’s new committee.

Just a handful of the committee, seven, voted with the GOP platform most of the time.

Let’s hope these few can advise John McCain to stop standing with Sen. Ted Kennedy and against Republican principles on issues like the Federal takeover of education, granting amnesty to illegal aliens, accusing American troops of "torturing" terrorists, or supporting the Kyoto Treaty, which would let China and India pollute with impunity for 50 years while America’s economy is gutted.

We all know these PACs will soon become presidential campaigns.

Now that these election-year money machines are winding down, let’s hope conservative state legislators take the time to closely examine the principles for which these political insiders have been standing in Washington, Boston and elsewhere.

Republicans deserve a social and fiscal conservative nominee who can unite the party and inspire the nation to tackle big ideas without sacrificing his Republican values, and that’s not John McCain.