This crime must be reported 10-27-06

by Peter Macdonald

Paul Revere (the man that road through the night to tell the people that the British are coming) is a terrorist. All the men that took up arms against their government are terrorist. Carle Drega is a terrorist because he dare defy judges, town officials and police that he believed were violating the Constitution. Our Constitution grants us the power to take up arms against our own government officials when all other means of redress fail. The Madbury NH selectmen used the power of their elected positions to seek personal revenge on a local family. The selectmen did not deny this criminal act under oath. I want you to listen to the facts.

People that I had never met called me to ask for help. I volunteer at least 1000 hours/year to help people. I have done this for over 30 years because I came back alive. I use names in these facts because the truth is a powerful weapon. The newspapers censor the truth to protect the powerful. Judge Peter Fauver violated the Constitution at least 29 times to protect the Madbury selectmen. Fauver appointed me as an attorney (knowing that I was not qualified) to represent this family. Fauver found me guilty of a crime with no charges, witnesses, evidence or trial. I got fined over $20 thousand. Judge James O’Neill ruled what Fauver did constitutional to protect a brother judge. The NH supreme court ruled the case moot to protect the NH bar. The NH government declares me a terrorist to scare me. The federal courts ruled judges have immunity to protect the legal monopoly. When I take this to federal court the NH state police arrest me as a terrorist under the Patriot Act. I lose my freedom for 6 months. Taken my freedom did not shut me up so the NH governor informs the Veterans Hospital that I am a Terrorist to get my VA medical stopped. This is a crime of the highest magnitude. I am put back in jail and fined because I dare write the governor to ask why? Next the state police go to my wife’s work place to scare her into stopping my free speech. Governor Lynch offers a 30 minute unrestricted coffee break to high bidder to raise money for the Portsmouth little league. I am high bidder so the governor takes back the deal. I run for public office and the newspapers censor my words. The NH governor interferes with a free election. Have all means of redress failed? Does Paul Revere ride again?

What is next. I am a 100% disabled Veteran from the Vietnam era. I did 31 months over seas. I receive two of my three injuries in combat support missions. I killed other human beings for your freedom. You the state of NH and the United States of America have allowed this Madbury NH family to be destroyed by corrupt officials. The VFW, American legion and Elk’s clubs allow this. You have allowed the State of NH to use a 100% disabled veteran’s health to stop his free speech. The facts are documented. The records exist. Every one is afraid to speak for fear what is happening to me, will happen to them next. The United States is the people. We the people should not be afraid of people that are there to serve. I have violated no laws. I volunteer my time to help other United States citizens. The people of the United States must speak up. If NH can do this to a 100% disabled veteran, what is next, WAR? What Paul Revere did was to start a process to make the world a better place for all the people. I ask any newspaper across the nation to print my story. We as United States citizens must help each other. E-mail this letter.