Election fraud in NM and WA

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. There is a crisis afoot in American democracy. It is not a crisis to do with the American electorate disengaging from the electoral process. It is not a crisis to do with a two-party system that looks bizarre to so many in the world.

It is, in fact, a crisis to do with clean and fair elections. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. In at least two of our states, our elections have become as dirty and fraud-ridden as elections are in many third world countries. And we need to stop it. Now.

Democrats in New Mexico and Washington have now proven themselves to be thugs and hypocrites who have absolutely zero interest in clean, fair elections.

We, as the party that stands for ballot integrity, the party that believes in ensuring free and fair elections by requiring voter ID, so that no one who is not entitled to vote can vote, and so no one votes twice, need to stand up and put a stop to this. Whereas many years ago, Democrats lost votes due to unfair voting practices in Southern states, today it is Republican and independent voters whose rights are being violated in these two states, and probably countless others across the US, due to outright efforts to rig elections by partisan officials whose remits unfortunately (for us) involve ballot distribution and ballot counting.

Though I generally do not favor federal intervention in state matters, when election-rigging is alleged to be taking place and the allegation looks reasonable, when voters are in effect being denied their Constitutional rights, when the Voting Rights Act (so hugely touted by Democrats as an essential piece of legislation) is being violated, we have no choice but to demand that the Feds move in and prevent crooked partisan officials from delivering the result that they, and not voters, want. It's our democracy, damn it, and if we don't protect it, who will?

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Liz Mair