Personal Accountability Starts at Home

By Young Republican Chairman BJ Perry

Former President Bill Clinton will be in NH today to keynote an event about childhood obesity. We all understand the importance of leading healthier life styles and obviously the younger a person begins to eat right and exercise; the easier it is to maintain a balanced healthy life.

Clinton continues to miss the mark on childhood obesity. Previously he led the crusade to ban soda in schools and has made an otherwise practical career out of preaching about why choices should be limited.

It’s not just about limiting what children eat and drink in schools. It’s about teaching children how to make better decisions. While former President Clinton will undoubtedly tout government intervention and regulation, the main focus should be on personal responsibility. How are young adults today going to learn anything if their decisions are regulated away? Call me young, call me optimistic, but I guess I have more faith in people that they’ll make better life choices than the Democrats and former President Clinton will make for them. Making good choices starts with education and information.