Upholding Citizen's Rights... New Hampshire Style

By Tom Sutliffe

Notice that this opinion memo from NHMA totally supports the ERPG suit.  It was stricken from the record of our hearing, which is highly unusual.   The information contained in the memo, if stricken would be highly prejudicial to our suit, because it completely supported our complaint!  Judge Morrill struck this evidence and never noticed ERPG of his order.  Thus, we never asked for a reconsideration of this order, having no knowledge it had been ordered.  Only pro-se litigants in New Hampshire have this happen to them,  so that they can't appeal the issue.  Why?... because they have not asked for a reconsideration within the ten day allotted timeframe.  The Supreme Court gang declined to act on this issue because it said we failed to ask for a reconsideration of the Judge's order. They refer to it as a procedural issue!  We found out about the Judge's order only when we requested the entire file to be sent to the Supreme Court for our appeal. Looking for justice in New Hampshire.... go to Federal Court!

NHMA fax cover

NHMA pg 1

NHMA pg2