Sen. Webb (D-VA) Not Qualified to Polish Sen. Sununu's Shoes

by Marilyn Huston

For those not familiar with Senator Webb, I suggest they take a good look at who was speaking to the Democrat party faithful Sunday, October 21st. Senator Webb is one that I consider to have some very serious issues with his beliefs and control of his anger. He stood before a group that wants to replace one of the most intelligent, hard working Senator’s from this state with a former “do nothing” governor. We are still trying to clean up the mess she left behind.

Last year, during the holiday season when the President welcomes the entire delegation from Capitol Hill to the White House, Webb, in spite of his hatred for the President, showed up at the celebration. President Bush welcomed each guest, and as most Presidents do, he engaged each guest with conversation. When it came to Senator Webb the President inquired about his son, who at the time was serving in Iraq. Webb in a moment of “socially challenged” behavior told the President, "None of your business!" This is the man, or so called adult, that has a seat in the Senate making decisions that will affect all of us?

Webb must be commended for what he has done for his country. His record and bravery in Vietnam was above and beyond duty, but it amazes me when I hear all these former officers who refuse to support the troops in harms way. Yes, refuse to support when they do everything they can to ensure battles are lost. Is this some type of sick jealousy because their day has come and gone? Oh, they claim they support the troops, but when they want them home in shame of defeat, not providing the necessary equipment to save lives that is not my description of support.

Senator Webb won by just a slight margin when with the help of Move-On; there was a rush to through the baby out with the bathwater across the country. Let us hope that along with New Hampshire's Congressional delegation of Hodes and Shea-Porter, it will all be a one-term nightmare.

Senator Webb, how dare you impugn the character of one of NH’s finest men representing this country in the US Senate. Senator Webb to take this to a level you understand, I am afraid you are not qualified to polish Senator Sununu’s shoes.

Marilyn Huston