Tomorrow's Union Empowerment

by Orion Karl Daley, '08 Presidential Candidate

Dear Union Members:

Over the Labor Day weekend,  my wife Carolyn, our oldest, Miah, and I went to visit family in West Virginia and in  Ohio. It was alot of driving from New York, but long awaited.

It was Carolyn's family. Her sister had attempted to established unionrepresentation at  Rite Aid some time back and my brother in lawand I discussed his Union where he works with Steel.

Making Sense of things:

My brother in law had noted taking part in moving supervisors out of their union as they were not considered a coworker.  He seemed reticent to my question of supervisors having their own union representation.  He stated that management's job is to bust unions. 

What he said had made sense, and especially since it was his direct experience that he was speaking from.  As he is capable of being amanager, I asked, did he ever consider becoming one ?  He said that his  allegiance to his coworkers was far more important to him!

Moving People out of Unions by changing Job Title: RE: H.R. 1644/S969

Corporations have been using a tactic of moving people 'up' in job title where they are no longer a co-worker, and therefore not part ofthe union.  Yet they are still an employee where the union then has less members, and therefore less representation in the work environment.

Corporations though are actually only the Corporate Board, CEO, and officers. There are share holders if in fact the corporation is publicly held. I believe that since everyone else is an employee, that they deserve rights like every employee.

Fundamental Policies:

Part of my policy towards the work environment is that unions are to be allowed to be formed if there is a 2/3rds vote for the job classification. That is regardless of the classification, as this is for any employee, which is not actually part of a corporation. This also circumvents union busting by corporations by changing people's job titles, as by classification, the new job title, being  manager or otherwise can be candidates for a union.

I believe that there are not enough Unions:

In other words, in America , there are not enough unions to protect workers. Workers are employees, besides being blue or white collar, and all employees deserve, in my opinion, Union representation if they want to have it, or have a job role that is part already represented by a union in the particular work environment.

Becoming a Stake Holder and having a vote

I further believe that unions should play an active role in corporate policy of publicly held corporations. This is by becoming shareholders.  This way union members have a vote as share holders for what a corporation decides on policy, as well as can benefit from stock dividends. This further helps guide the corporation towards profitability with out compromising the American Labor element in its means to accomplish this.

Examples of this that in addition to maintaining union representation, Corporations can become more regulated about what they offshore for labor, as share holders can look at the long term as opposed to just quarterly profits. 

In Summary:

In the New Deal, which is the book that my campaign platform is based on:

A-  The government is to provide the ability for unions to take long term low interest loans for a months wages. This is to afford union workers to  not be compromised during that month  financially.

B-  For New Unions, grants should be available from the Federal Government to help subsidize the startup if required.

C- In non-Union workplaces, Union petition is to be permitted,where Union formation is to be only accepted by a 2/3 vote  by employees within the workplace in question. Voting is to be held in privacy such as in the manner of government elections, and vote counting to be performed by impartial and objective means.

D- Living Wage:  Minimum Wages are to be examined based onthe Living Wage and what is defined as the Poverty Level. More over Wages are to reflect the actual cost of living for the community where the employment, and residence occurs, and subject to the Inflation Index as opposed to the 'Take it or Leave It' types of today's employment offer.

E - Union Dues by non-union workers within Union places of work where union labor is performed in an equivalent manner, focus and scope in employee performance and responsibilities. These Union Dues on Non-Union workers are to ensure for the Non-Union Worker, the same representation, rights and benefits that are afforded to Union workers of the same classification within the same work place of employment.

F- Fixed Price and Overtime: for every worker, no matter if directly employed, or via 3rd party contract, workers must be paid for work done.  For Direct Employment, Overtime is to be paid as 'Time and One half'. For Contractors, Time is to be paid by the hour; hence, the professional day as set to 8 hours does not obviate the responsibility of the employer to provide monetary compensation for overtime.

G- Poverty Level: must be set based realistically on the Cost of Living, and the Inflation Index. Hence, Minimum wage must be accounted for in this as being above the Poverty Level.

Thank you for reading this -