Veteran's Day Remembered?

by Richard (Dick) Olson

This past Thursday, I had just finished reading threenewspapers that contained good and bad news, humor, letters, and importantannouncements of events planned in observance of Veterans’ Day on Sunday,November 11th.

All throughout the state, editorials, announcements, and letters proclaimed “remember our veterans" those who proudly served “God and Country”!

Unfortunately, as a veteran, I found them dishartening and saddening. Why? All events to honor veterans are scheduled between 9:00 am and 11:00 am when those of us Christian veterans are attending or leading worship and praying for our comrads to return home safely.

Wouldn’t it have been more honorable to hold these observances in the afternoon? We need to put “God” back into “God and Country”! Dr. Ron Paul will do that!