Pending Sale of Verizon Assets to Fairpoint Communications

by Richard 'Dick' Olson Sr.

November 12, 2007

New Hampshire Legislators

Concord, NH 03301

Reference: Pending Sale of Verizon Assets to Fairpoint Communications.

Dear Honorable NH Legislators,

I am writing as a concerned citizen and a current user of several Verizon services. I currently subscribe to their long distance, state, and local phone, wireless cell phone, and DSL internet services.

I am concerned that Fairpoint cannot live up to its promises. Executive VP Walter E. Leach’s presentation to the NH BIA contained many promises to New Hampshire customers. However, the financial strength leaves me uncomfortable as it brings to mind the bankruptcy and eventual demise of Adelphia Communications and the subsequent takeover by Comcast.

In addition, recent testimony from Fairpoint’s CEO stated that the “365 new jobs” would be lost over five years at a rate of 4% reductions per year. Although NH’s BIA and other commercial organizations support the merger, the New Hampshire Consumer Advocate Consultant submitted testimony that opposes the deal and says it is bad for consumers.

Subscribers to Adelphia like me were “left in the lurch” with substandard service and then the non-competitive rates of Comcast. Mr. Leach “promised” many things but so did Adelphia and Comcast. Once I changed to DSL and a satellite carrier, I saved over $100 per month.

NH’s PUC must not accept the face of these “promises” and negotiate terms that will call for Verizon to “back up” Fairpoint’s claims should they run aground and leave New Hampshire in the “lurch” again? Citizens have too large a stake in the communications to sign off on this unknown. There has got to a better deal out there!