Alive and Well - Liberal Media Bias & Congressional Pork Barrel Spending

by Marshall Cobleigh

The Project for Excellence in Journalism reports for the first time since the surge in Iraq started that coverage of the US war policy in Iraq has dropped to 3% less than half of the 2007 average. It does not rank anymore in the top 10 news stories. Unless you believe in the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy, you probably  do not believe that those results have anything to do with the fact that the news today out of Iraq is universally good: US troop casualties are at their lowest levels since 2004; rocket, mortar and suicide bombs are at two year lows; Iraq civilian casualties are down two thirds; and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THE US IS REMOVING 3000 TROOPS.

Why isn't the liberal media and the network news covering the good news? Do they hate President Bush that much?

Why do we not hear from Jeanne Shaheen, Paul Hodes, Carol Shea Porter on the good news happening in Iraq? Why are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi still trying to cut funding for our valiant troops?  

The Democrat party that complained so loud and long about the Bush-Chaney no bid contracts for Haliburton is now doing exactly the same thing. The leading Democrat big spenders include New Hampshire primary nemesis Carl Levin of Michigan, Hillary Clinton (Why does she get asked about this by the liberal press debate moderators) and Democrat campaign Chairman Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd.

The New York Times of all place list $1.8 billion dollars in earmark expenditures that the Pentagon did not request in the pork laden military budget. Who led the way in this budget breaking spending that they pledged to end? The Times says Jack Murtha the war's leading critic led all House earmarks with $166 Million in pork barrel spending, followed Nancy Pelosi with $32 million and Democrat leader Steny Hoyer with $26 million.

John McCain told about Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer's proposed $1million dollar Woodstock Museum boondoggle, but USA Today has now disclosed that the Woodstock Museum's sponsors donated $9200 to Hillary's campaign and $20,000. After the Woodstock earmark was filed. That used to known as bribery and corruption. Why isn't the national network news telling the American taxpayers about it? Why aren't the debate moderators questioning Hillary about it?

Finally Mitt Romney is telling us he is the true republican conservative running for President. If that is true why did he donate $250 to gun hating democrat Dick Swett's Congressional campaign and also why did true republican Mitt Romney vote for Paul Tsongas for President?