Lyndeborough's Elected Elite Must Be Held Accountable!

By Dick Olson & Mike Coutu

Lyndeborough's Elected Elite Must Be Held Accountable! It was the governing body’s decision to write the contract and then wrongfully terminate Chief of Police James Basinas. The District Court’s decision to uphold the provisions of the contract is legal irregardless of their asinine politics to cover up for one of their members.

Citizens of Lyndeborough have come to our organization, the “Citizens Alliance Against Creepy Politics”; with information indicating the suspension and subsequent firing of Chief Basinas was politically motivated by a group we call “the good old boys”. This whole mess has angered people, split friendships, harmed the personal integrity of several people, and cost the taxpayers a bunch of money they cannot afford.

We’ve also learned that the “good old boys” have pressured Lyndeborough Police Officers to break their oath of office to “Serve and Protect” to desert their posts. Milford’s Police Chief Fred Douglas, a resident of Lyndeborough, and Wilton’s Police Chief Brent Hautanen have both breached their oaths of office to “Protect and Serve” by arbitrarily withdrawing the regional “Mutual Aid Agreement” with Lyndeborough. This being politically motivated should be viewed as extortion.

We’ve learned that the main police line to Lyndeborough’s police station had been permanently placed on “cal lforwarding” to Milford dispatch until we took action to have call service restored to Chief Basinas’ desk.

All of this could have been avoided by allowing Chief Basinas the open public hearing he asked for. Conflict between police and administrations are becoming too common in our state. Public officials, once elected, have no one to answer to. We need a state-wide agency to develop and enforce universal code-of-conduct and ethics policies similar to the NH Bar Association. Elected or appointed officials should be held accountable.